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Grim Reaper Singer Steve Grimmett Talks Lawsuit for Unpaid Royalties

Canada’s The Metal Voice recently spoke to lead singer Steve Grimmett from Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper in Montreal, Canada who are presently on their North American tour.

Grimmett talks about the stolen band equipment in San Antonio, Texas, the band’s new album Walking in the Shadows , the unreleased forth album, and the ongoing lawsuit for unpaid royalties

On the recent stolen equipment in San Antonio Texas while on Tour

“The van got broken into in San Antonio, they couldn’t get into the trailer but they got into the truck and stole my wireless in ear system and my wireless mic system but unlucky for them they only got half of it because the rest of it needs charging every night, so I’ve got all that with me. So yeah it was a pain in the ass but we managed to get over it.”

On the band’s new album and songs

“There are a few left over tracks and different versions one of which the Japanese have got, my son is actually singing on the lead track second verse and there is a couple of other ones that we felt there was nothing wrong with the songs, we felt they were too long, so we kept those back to use for whatever.”

When we thought about recording we had to go 30 years and write that way and once we wrote it I decide we were going to record the old way, so no machine drums anything so everything you hear on the album is exactly as I recorded it. Its real drums with real bass, real guitar all recorded in my studio I can vouch for it.” It’s a mixture of old with new technology."

On the unreleased album that led to the band stop playing music

I really don’t know how it ended up as it did but I wasn’t part of any of the writing. I think the record company thought that Nick Bowcott would do better on his own with somebody else helping him out and then when we heard it , it was just like this isn’t going to work. It was a shame and of course we ran into legal problems with Ebony Records and it stopped us from working and that was it basically

On the ongoing lawsuit for unpaid royalties

"I have struggled, I now got an American lawyer and he is looking into it now, he is disgusted with the fact that we have never been paid. So he’s looking into it and he said they are going to pay. Ebony Records went bust and claimed us as an asset so the British Treasury got part of it and their being paid part of Ebony Records so that’s a separate issue that’s something else I got to get to after getting to RCA it’s a horrible business to be in if you trust everybody and don’t think for yourself."

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