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Tim 'Ripper' Owens (Ex Judas Priest) Video Interview- The Metal Voice

Alan Dixon from Canada's The Metal Voice sat down and spoke to former lead singer of Judas Priest Tim Ripper Owens in Montreal, Canada during his Night of Metal Canadian mini tour. 'Tim Ripper' Owens recorded two studio albums with the band Jugulator and Demolition and was with the band from 1996-2003

Ripper Owens spoke about the new Charred Walls of the Damned album (Sept 23, 2016), if he would have changed anything in his time with Judas Priest, a Trinity album in 2017 (Geoff Tate former Queensryche) Blaze Bayley Ex Iron Maiden) and his upcoming musical projects.

On the new Charred Walls of the Damned Record 'Creatures Watching Over The Dead'

It's a great record, it's not too long its straight at you, it's definitely my favorite out of the three we have done, it's doing well. This is out third record, the problem is touring with something like this it's not that easy because you don;t make money in it. Charred walls will do some dates but Richard Christy (drummer) is on the Howard Stern show and that is his job and I tour solo, that's my main job. it's hard to fit it in and if you go on tour it's going to cost money.

On what would have happened if he would have recorded a third Judas Priest album

I don't know one of the problems when I joined Judas Priest it was probably the worst time in Rock and Heavy Metal. Rob Halford wasn't selling, no one was selling, bands disappeared. What happened is exactly what should have happened. Rob Halford needed to come back to Judas Priest for himself. Judas Priest needed to have Rob Halford to come back and I needed to go out and do other things. I tour the world, financially I make more money. I don't know if a third record would have changed it . I didn't want to leave Judas Priest. i wanted out of Judas Priest cause i wanted to do other stuff but i would have never quit Judas Priest. it would have been great to do a third record. What I written for 'Beyond Fear' were songs in there that I had written while I was in Judas Priest like SAVE ME and SCREAM MACHINE and songs that I thing could have been in Judas Priest (Third Album)

On if he could go back would he do something different in Judas Priest

First of all I wouldn't come out on a Harley motorcycle because the band was like this is our thing. I never really cared for that. We turned down a lot of gigs, Ozz fest they didn't want to do it and I wish they would had done, I'm not sure why we turned it down?

On plans with Trinity (Geoff Tate former Queensryche) Blaze Bayley Ex Iron Maiden)

It's all little teasers, we do a little bit of a teaser on Geoff's record and we do this little teaser of this tour and i guess the whole main goal is to make a record and have these three voices on there. We have this tour coming up in November we have about 10 shows and then next year we are going to try to do more shows around the world and make a record

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