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Metallica 'Reload' Review Retrospective Pt 7- The Metal Voice

By Justin Stockton When Metallica released “Load” apparently they had intended to make it a double album. However, this didn't happen. Shortly after the release of “Load”, Metallica quickly released it's follow up and sequel of sorts entitled “Reload” on November 18th, 1997. The album features a lot of the same styles that “Load” featured but did Metallica expand on these ideas anymore or does this album have more filler on it than the first release?

Track Rundown

  1. Fuel- Opening with a very upbeat number similar to “Aint My Bitch” capitalizing on a more hard rock driven sound. However, I still feel like “Load” opened with a more catchy song to it, just personal preference I suppose. Definitely the most popular song on the album.

  2. The Memory Remains- This is the second most popular song on the album and I still like the main riff to this song it has some pretty good groove to it and the verses are still pretty catchy too but I always found the chorus very cheesy. It is an okay song not the best but ok.

  3. Devil's Dance- This song has always had a good groove to it I thought. It has a bluesy feel to it as well. The only problem is that I don't ever feel like it picks up the way I expect it to. I just leaves me unsatisfied at the end.

  4. The Unforgiven II- The second in the Unforgiven trilogy but this time with almost a southern rock twang to it which I dig. I actually think this is one of the best songs on the album because the atmosphere hits me just right. Definitely one still worth checking out.

  5. Better Than You- This song is definitely my favorite heavy song off the album. It has a bit of a punk vibe to it and I really like how Hetfield sounds during the chorus he has a lot of bark in his vocals on this song and the solo is pretty catchy as well.

  6. Slither- This song has always had a good groove as well but again just doesn't feel like it has a lot of energy behind it. It also doesn't feel very memorable to me it just feels bored.

  7. Carpe Diem Baby- The main riff to this song is just weird, it works but It doesn't work. It definitely has that bluesy groove to it like the last two songs as well. It just doesn't do it for me I just get lost in what their idea for this song exactly was.

  8. Bad Seed- Another slow song with that southern twang to it. I like this one more though because I feel like they hit it right on the head. It is a catchy heavy number with some weird vocal parts to it but overall an okay tune.

  9. Where The Wild Things Are- This song has almost a psychedelic feel in the beginning but then goes into a really standard 90's rock song kind of sound. Again it feels just bored and tired and doesn't know where it exactly wants to go.

  10. Prince Charming- This song has more of that bluesy riffing to it that I dig and wish they would throw into their live set once in awhile it has a good kick to it. Catchy, heavy and makes for a good driving tune.

  11. Low Man's Lyric- I like this song, kinda. It doesn't feel like it fits but at the same time it does fit. It is a very weird number with weird melodies throughout but it is definitely an interesting listen.

  12. Attitude- Another heavier faster paced song that feels a but tired to me honestly. It feels a but uninspired to me. More like a jam song honestly.

  13. Fixxxer- This song is very much an improvisational jam like how the last album ended and really doesn't end on a strong note. It honestly feels like they are trying to cram all the experimental things they tinkered with the past two albums into this one song. It just doesn't really do it for me.

Overall, I give Reload a 4.3 out 10. The thing is, there are some good songs here but Load had a way better track listing in that most of its songs didn't sound like throwaway bonus tracks either. It just feels too all over the place and bores me with a lot of it's slow pacing then fast pacing then slow and so on. The album was also released I think too soon. If they waited a good three years maybe it would have worked better but I think it pales in comparison with the album before it. However, Metallica were still at the top of their game and next time we are looking at their troublesome 2003 release entitled “St. Anger” which would also be their first without Jason Newsted.

The Metallica, Anthrax 1983 Story w/ Greg Walls (ex-Anthrax)

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