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Airbourne's singer humbled by the support to replace AC/DC's Brian Johnson

Alan Dixon From Canada’s The Metal Voice spoke to drummer Ryan O'Keeffe from the Australian band Airbourne in Montreal, Canada on the bands North American tour. Ryan talks new album, Lemmy, his brother replacing ACDC's Brian Johnson and his brother recent stage accident.

When asked about his brother (Joel O'Keeffe) recent injury 's falling off the stage in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada on September 22

"He (Joel O'Keeffe) was just standing on one of the bass bins in front of the stage and one marked with highlighted tape so he could see there was a gap and basically just slipped and his foot went through the gap. Tore a few tendons. Thanks to codeine and various other things we kept playing we didn't want to cancel any shows and he is back and walking and all is good."

When asked about the new song off the new album dedicated to Lemmy (Motorheah) entitled 'It's all for Rock and roll'

"Lemmy helped us very early on in our career, he starred in our very first film clip, driving a truck. On the set as we were making that video he invited us into his limo to drink Jack and Coke. He told us things like stay true to what you do, labels and stuff will come and go just be true to who you are. We would see him all the time when either we were supporting him throughout the ten years or at festivals. He passed away during the late part of making demos for the new record and the song just came together it was an 11th hour song. We had the title it's all for Rock and Roll and we just went there is only one thing this can be written about, this is Lemmy."

When asked if his Brother Ryan was ever asked officially to join AC/DC to replace Brian Johnson on tour?

He (Ryan) wasn't officially approached but he was humbled by a lot of comments saying that he should do it and he sort of said if that ever happened the first thing I would do was call Brian Johnson and get his permission and the second thing I would do was call a cab to the airport

What his thoughts on Axl Rose replacing Brian Johnson in AC/DC

Well my hats off to Angus for keeping the band alive, it's amazing what he had to go through. Angus loses his brother on guitar, to then lose the drummer and singer and my hats off to him. Who knows what the future holds in this industry never say never, maybe Brian will get better and come back maybe they will just take a bit of time and do something later on, you never know."

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