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Blaze Bayley- Complete Tour Documentary now Streaming-The Metal Voice

It was announced back in August that Canada's The Metal Voice will be producing a multi-part tour Documentary on Blaze Bayley - Iron Maiden singer 1994 to 1999 - centering on his return from September 21st to 24th for an Eastern Canadian mini tour. Part 3 the dramatic conclusion of the multi-part series is now streaming below as well as Part one and two.

In Part 3 Blaze Bayley is followed on his mini Canadian tour to the cities of Ottawa, Shawinigan, Quebec City and Montreal

Guests in the complete documentary include Canadian Author Martin Popoff, former Anthrax singer Neil Turbin, Venom Inc Bassist /Singer Tony Dolan and Giles Lavery singer Dragonsclaw

Quotes from the Documentary

On getting signed on Rick Rubin's label

" We got our first record deal with Wolfsbane because of Slayer and King Diamond. We managed to get a gig supporting King Diamond at Hammersmith Odeon and it was a massive deal for us. We went and did this support slot for King Diamond who was an absolute gentlemen and there was a review of that gig and the review of the King Diamond gig was on page two of Kerrang which was the biggest heavy metal magazine in the UK at the time and on page three there was a big picture of Slayer and a review of them and Rick Rubin who was running Def Amercian Records at the time he was producing Slayer and they were on his label and he saw this review of Slayer and then he saw the review of Wolfsbane that supported King Diamond and he said to George Trikoulis who was his partner who is this Wolfsbane band and why haven't I heard of them before and then George Trikoulis went out and found a demo tape in a market in New York and got it to Rick Rubin and he loved it, then Rick Rubin phoned me up and it was unbelivable. We started talking about the deal and not long after that he flew us off to Los Angeles and we made our first album."

On Iron Maiden exit

" I left Iron Maiden, not by choice I was fired, they said I wasn't good enough. I said is Bruce coming back and they said yes. I think what was happening at the time, was that world wide CD sales have gone down. EMI had closed all their manufacturing facilities around the world. The record business was shrinking. Different record companies were starting to come together in different partnerships. So really I think really it was more of a business decision that Bruce came back at the time. I was just gutted at the time and I think it took me about four years really before I kind of accepted what had happened."

Film-maker and Executive Producer Jimmy Kay had this to say about the project, “Blaze has to be one of the most underrated front men and vocalists in Metal history. This tour documentary aims to capture the reality of the day to day excitement and grind on tour, as well as information on his time with Wolfsbane, Iron Maiden and his solo career to-date and most of all the behind the scenes look at Blaze that folks rarely get to see.”

Blaze was born 29th May 1963 in Birmingham, England. Having started his professional music career in WOLFSBANE in 1984, his career elevated to global heights when he joined IRON MAIDEN with whom he released two albums and toured worldwide between 1994and 1999.

After leaving Iron Maiden, Blaze embarked on a solo career, during which he has released eight albums including 'Infinite Entanglement' in 2016 and has continued to tour worldwide, collaborating with a host of talented artists and bands.

Always open to collaborating, Blaze just recently joined DISTURBED onstage at Download Festival (UK) for a rendition of ‘Baba O’Riley’ by THE WHO, was accompanied onstage in Poland by Swedish metalheads SABATON for a version of Maiden classic ‘Man On The Edge’, and has been announced as guest vocalist on the forthcoming album by former QUEENSRYCHE singer Geoff Tate.

Part 2

Part 1

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