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Airbourne' 'Breakin Out of Hell' & New Charred Walls of the Damned Review

Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon review the latest album by AIRBOURNE​ 'Breakin Out of Hell' and also review the new album by Charred Walls of the Damned called 'Creatures Watching Over the Dead'

Track Listing

Airbourne Breakin Out of Hell Track Listing -Breaking out of Hell -Rivarly -Get back up -It's never too loud for me -Thin the blood -I'm going to hell for this -Down on you -Rocked like this -When i drink i go crazy -Do me like you do yourself -It's all for rock and roll

"Creatures Watching Over The Dead" track listing:

01. My Eyes 02. The Soulless 03. Afterlife 04. As I Catch My Breath 05. Lies 06. Reach into the Light 07. Tear Me Down 08. Living in the Shadow of Yesterday 09. Time Has Passed

Grim Reaper 'Walking in the Shadows' Album Review

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