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Nightwish Interview- Heavy Montreal 2016

Alan Dixon from Canada's The Metal Voice INTERVIEWED Marco Hietala from the Symphonic Finnish band Nightwish at this years Heavy Montreal Festival 2016

When asked if some nights on tour more challenging for Floor Jansen than others

"I don't really know I think Floor is a powerhouse but of course some nights are more challenging cause when you are touring of course you cannot be at your best everyday, you might be lacking sleep, you might be sick. For instance what happened last time we were touring around February, that's not a good time to tour in the northern states and Canada because you get the flu season and then you get three bus loads of people who meet each other everyday and when they are drunk enough they start kissing and cuddling each other so everyone is catching the flu."

When asked what Floor Jansen brings into the band on the stage and in the recording studio

"Floor brings a definite presence and charisma of totally her own on the stage and on the studio side of rehearsals she is also very into knowing what's in the songs, knowing her lines adjusting them to herself. So she was prepared when we started to do the album, you can also hear that in the studio."

When asked about their new live DVD 'Vechicle of Spirit' on Nuclear Blast

"We are still in the process, we are doing mixing and editing for quite a while, it's a big load of stuff to go through"

When asked his guest appearance on Avantasia's last album Ghostlights and would he do it again

"We met earlier in Germany at the Metal Hammer awards, that's the time Tobias and I got into talking about Ghostlights and latter on Tobias Sammet emailed me and asked me if would be up to do a song "Master of the Pendulum" he sent me the song and lyrics and I said I would check it out because I do have a principal of not doing anything that I wouldn't personally like. But I was into the song and the chorus, I think it has a good catchy melody line and a good punch at the same time, so I said let's do the song. We basically swapped files through Internet. If we asked me again in the future I would do it again. "

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