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Sabaton Interview- Our Tank got through Canadian Customs at Heavy Montreal 2016

Alan Dixon from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to Sabtaon's vocalist Joakim Broden and guitarist Chris Rorland at Heavy Metal Montreal 2016.

When asked about their stage production in North America

"This is a premier for our stage set in North America, so tonight there will be pyros and we have a tank, our European stage set made it's way here, don't ask me how Canadian customs let a tank into Canada? " (joking)

When asked about this being their last Tour

We are starting out in January, February, March tour for our new album "The Last Stand", which of course we will call it the last tour. It's not going to be the last tour

, we are a competitive band and Status Quo started there Farewell tour in 1984 , that's 32 years ago, so we better start now."

When asked about the new live album and the new live DVD

The new album is called The Last Stand on the 19th of August and depending on which version you are going to get. the big one is a compete live show from France. It was one of those times actually where everything worked, we didn't think about the fact that we were filming. Originally filmed for a French TV channel, only 60 minutes of it aired and normally when we are making a DVD we are nervous there is always some thing goes wrong. This is one of the times when nothing went wrong and everybody in the band just had fun with the crowd

When asked about Joakim's Frontman influences

"My influences, obviously Bruce Dickinson on of the great ones on of the most underrated front men is Dee Snider of Twisted Sister. fantastic front man.

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