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Paul Di'anno Confirms, To The Metal Voice the Suspected Cancer was Non Malignant

Paul Dianno told The Metal Voice Editor Jimmy Kay early May 2016 on Skype when asked about his latest health condition, he wrote,

”They are running tests and found a Shadow on Lung and Lympth. "

At this point Di'anno was uncertain if he indeed he had cancer as they were still running test. "

In a following conversation on May 31 2016 with Jimmy Kay of The Metal Voice Paul thanked his fans

"A long way to go yet but with my docs and great nurses here and soon intense physio and gym work I shoud be on the road soon. Anyone enquiring tell them it's positive stuff and thanks for their wishes and support. Cheers. "

Did they find any Cancer?

"Non malignant thank god. ” Di'anno

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