Anvil To Perform First Metal Live Stream Show in Canada

May 20, 2020

Canada's own Anvil will perform the first live virtual metal concert in Canada  on July 4th 2020 at L'Anti Bar in Quebec City. Drummer Robb Reiner told The Metal Voice, " Nobody will be there just Camera's , we are going to smash Covid In Canada...make sure to join us and "Rock That Shit"..


Join the Facebook Live Event here, Tickets on sale now!


Tickets here

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke with Anvil's Singer/guitarist Steve 'Lips'  Kudlow. Lips spoke about the bands new album Legal At Last and its lyrical content which was released Feb. 14 2020 via AFM Records.


Lips also told The Metal Voice how The Story of Anvil, has become a Global inspiration of hope for the sick over the years.

When asked about their marijuana lyrical content and if it will polarize their fans base.
"The legalization of marijuana has little or nothing to do with whether it's something's good for you or bad for you. It was made illegal originally because of finances and particularly finances of industries in the 1920's.  It had everything to do with the economy, with particularly the cotton industry, pulp and paper, the oil industry and plastic and fabrics all kinds of stuff like. So it's not about going to get high and this song doesn't even talk about that, so get rid of that misconception it's not about getting high. Angels getting high (on the front of the album cover) but on the back cover the devil is getting high, so the basic and fundamental idea is, it's for better or worse. It's another human vice like I say in the lyrics.  It's about taking responsibility on an individual basis.  If you want to go get high that's your own business, if you don't that's also your own business. I'm not telling anybody what to do all I'm saying it's all for better or worse and I'm talking about it like you say as a news report. I'm talking about the implications and the overall effect that it's had on our our world."

When asked about how the new album has more social political messages compared to older albums.
"No one really cares, it's human nature to be selfish and I see the stuff going on and around me I'm just I'm bringing awareness by singing about it and talking about it. People will condemn me for being another Greta Thunberg with all these  new songs but everything was written long before she got up and did that speech." 

When asked about the musical direction of the new album  
" I think we're very consistent at what we do and in particularly on the last few albums. We're trying to be as authentic to ourselves as we possibly can be  We have our own direction and our own thing."  

How the Anvil documentary has become an inspirational movie.   
"Christmas Season is a time when there's a huge amount of people that end up watching the movie especially from people who are ill. It's Inspiring you know, to people who become ill. We have a large amount of people who watch the documentary who are hospital patients with cancer or other kinds of debilitating problems. People come to our shows on a regular basis as a result of that movie because the movie is inspiring. The movie is about going after your dreams and capturing them at any cost and a hope for tomorrow, that's what it's about. It's about the human endurance. It's hugely inspirational for people to get up and take part in their own destinies and give them hope and I'm glad I'm proud that."


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