Metal Church Kurdt Vanderhoof- Streaming is Convenient but they Don't Pay The Artist Accordingly

March 30, 2020

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to guitarist and main man Kurdt Vanderhoof of Metal Church. Vanderhoof spoke about the bands new album From the Vault and also gave his opinion on today's streaming services.


 Metal Church "From The Vault" will be released  on April 10 via Rat Pak Records.   


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 Tell me about Metal Church's new release

"It's not officially a new album, it's has some new stuff, it's from the vault literally that's all it is. It's leftover songs that we had  that did not fit at the time or songs that we never completely finished and we don't know why that I found in the archives. Since we are not doing any touring until an actually official new album comes out, we figured we might as well use this stuff. "


Were the new songs 'Dead on a Vine' and 'For no reason' remakes or were they actually finished unused songs?

"They were two tracks we did not finish from the last record (Damned If you Do) and I don't know why we never finished them. I like to write a pile of songs more than we need for a new record just to fill in any gaps and make sure there is no filler on an album. So I guess that is what happened with these they were unused. However the B side songs on this album were finished tracks but we didn't put them on the record cause maybe they didn't fit at the time. "


Is Metal Church planning on releasing a Live Album in the future?

"We just recorded the shows we did in Japan a few months back, so it's recorded. The live tracks on the vault album are from that Japanese show so yes sometime in the future"


When asked if there are any unreleased songs from the David Wayne era

"There is some and I have some but they are under major label 80's corporate contract locked down so that i can't really do anything with."


Have you found that streaming services have helped Metal Church ?

"Streaming is a joke for everybody, it;s a great convenience and it;s a wonderful thing but the streaming companies don't pay for the product that they sell. They don;t pay us anything they pay us like a percentage of a cent something insane like that. All artist have to get a handle on streaming  we can start making money again. "


This latest release is a special edition compilation album that features 14 previously unreleased songs from the Mike Howe era, including four newly recorded studio tracks including a redux of the band's fan favorite classic "Conductor", The remaining tracks are compiled from various recordings in the band's history and include five tracks from 2018's "Damned If You Do" recording sessions, three cover songs and two live tracks, "Agent Green" and "Anthem To The Estranged", which was recorded at the famous Club Citta, Kawasaki, Japan on the "Damned If You Do" world tour. Tracks 1 through 4 were mixed and mastered by Chris "The Wizard" Collier (KXM, WHITESNAKE, PRONG, KORN) and tracks 5 through 14 were mixed and mastered by guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof.


Also available for pre-order is a limited-print 22-page comic book "Return Of The Fake Healer" featuring the artwork of Midwest comic book illustrator Andrew Owens. The comic book also comes with an additional compilation CD which features a mix of "XI" and "Damned If You Do" tracks as well as two previously unreleased mixes of "Killing Your Time" and "Needle & Suture".  


Track listing (Deluxe USA Version)
New Studio Tracks

01. Dead On The Vine
02. For No Reason
03. Conductor [redux]
04. Above the Madness

B-Side Tracks From The "Damned If You Do" Sessions

05. Mind Thief
06. Tell Lie Vision
07. False Flag
08. Insta Mental
09. 432hz

Cover Songs From The Vault

10. Please Don't Judas Me [NAZARETH cover]
11. Green Eyed Lady [SUGARLOAF cover]
12. Black Betty [RAM JAM cover]

Live Tracks From The Vault

13. Agent Green [Live In Japan]
14. Anthem To The Estranged [Live In Japan]

Bonus Tracks

15. Killing Your Time (Wizard mix) [digital and comic CD version only]
16. Needle & Suture (Metal mix) [digital and comic CD version only]
17. The Enemy Mind ("XI" bonus track) [digital download version only]
18. The Coward ("XI" bonus track) [digital download version only]

Mike Howe - Vocals
Kurdt Vanderhoof - Guitars
Stet Howland - Drums
Steve Unger - Bass
Rick Van Zandt - Guitars


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