Biff Byford-New Saxon Album 50% of lyrics done & it will be Heavy & British

March 26, 2020

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice  recently spoke to Saxon's front man Biff Byford about his new solo album School of Hard Knocks, Saxon's upcoming new album that is in the works and dealing with Covid19.

Biff Byford released his first solo album School of Hard Knocks on February 21 2020 via Silver Lining Music

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 When asked the difference between doing a solo album vs doing a Saxon Album 
"On this solo album I sing about myself, I don't sing too much about myself on Saxon albums. A lot of the songs on the solo album are specific to me like the School of Hard Knocks, Black and White and Me and You. It's like a musical story of what influences me, the album sums up the sort of music I like."

When asked if he were to do another solo album would he cover more genres of music
"I don't think so, I cover a wide spectrum on this album from folk music, to Prog Rock, to Metal, to Rock and Roll ,to Ballads. The music ranges from heavy to mainstream. I think I will stay within that wide range."

 When asked how serious he is taking the Coronavirus
"It's very serious, I live in the country side, people tend to come here on the weekend, it was packed last weekend, which is stupid.  There are people out biking and walking in twos, you can't go out in a group unless it's your family. The police have gotten new powers as of today so they can stop people put them in isolation or give them a fine. "

When asked about the musical direction on the new Up and Coming Saxon album that is being worked on
"The album is heavy, it's the same as Thunderbolt, Battering Ram and Sacrifice. It's Heavy and it's quite British, we like to retain that. Me and Nibbs Carter wrote most of the songs again. Now we are on hold and I am still open to write more songs. The boys are working on songs, if they come up with anything strong than we might re-record some of the stuff and put newer stuff back in. There are a few songs that we put together that are pretty cool. It's heavy and there is some great guitar playing on it from the boys. Nigel's drumming is up there with much younger drummers if you know what I mean, pushing himself. Andy Sneep is producing it.  No songs are completed, the lyrics are 50% done. We wanted the album to come out early 2021 but I don't know now, we might have to re-think."

When asked about his recent Heart Attack
"It all started with my heart biking, that's when I got the twinge. it wasn't like a Hollywood heart attack, it was more like indigestion and they found a wacky rhythm in my heart and they sent me in. I lived with it for maybe 3 weeks before I decided something was wrong. It was a triple bypass."

When asked about what he will be doing in his down time
"We are thinking of shooting a music video for Pit and the Pendulum off my solo album but obviously we have to shoot it remotely but it can be done."


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