Testament's Chuck Billy Talks about Coronavirus experience & recovery

March 25, 2020

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to Chuck Billy front man of Testament. Billy talked about the bands new album Titans of Creation as well as testing positive with the Cornavirus and recovering.


Titans of Creation will be release on April 3 via Nuclear Blast


Watch here

 When asked about the new album Titans of Creation

"It's a diverse record there is an array of songs that have there own identity that stand out on their own. It's definitely a diverse record. It's a record where I really pushed myself out of my comfort zone. Also there are a lot of personal stuff on the record in terms of song content. Plus this records  wasn't a pain in the ass to make like the last one. The last one was a two year process this one nine month to get it written and recorded.


Any extra tracks recorded but left off the new album 

"We never have extra tracks, whenever we write a record it's just enough songs for the record. I think if you got old stuff and you are trying to rehash it years later maybe it's not a good starting point. I mean there must be a reason why it didn't make the record." 


 When asked about testing positive for the Coronavirus

" We just made it out of Europe so we said let's be proactive and see where we can go get tested since we were on tour. They said to us if you don't have symptoms you can't get tested so we didn't get tested. Then as the days went by we started to feel sick and then we called again and they recommended we get tested. By that time we had been in communication with band members and the crew from the bands that traveled with us. It seemed a lot of us were sick with a lot of the same symptoms. For me my symptoms were, my body ached,  headaches, just felt wiped out. First I thought it was just jet lagged but then it came on like you knew you were sick and it didn't let up. A lot of sleeping. I really didn't get the fever, just the coughing, tired just slept a lot. Then we did the drive through tests and it took 7 days to get results. So by the time we got our results we were getting better, it slowly was going away. I noticed the first day or two it was huffing and puffing just walking to the bathroom and back but it didn't get any worse. We weren't over exerting ourselves. Getting better as time went by, resting and isolating ourselves. Hopefully people will do the right thing  and stay isolated as long as they can. "


When asked what Testament will do now in downtime

"I'm sure our tour in April is going to be postponed don't know yet, we haven't heard about the summer dates in Europe yet either if they will get postponed."


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