Riot V Singer Todd Michael Hall Describes His NBC's The Voice Blind Audition

March 7, 2020

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice  spoke to Riot V Singer Todd Michael Hall about his experience auditioning for the TV series NBC's The Voice.

Watch here

 When asked why he decided to audition for The Voice
"My question is why wouldn't I do it? I get to go on National TV and to sing to about 10 million viewers and I get to sing (Foreigner's) Juke Box Hero which totally rocks. I get to hit some high head voice notes and get to do a style of singing that is generally not seen (heard) in the mainstream anymore nowadays. To me it's like a dream come true I can't even imagine why I wouldn't want to do it?  I know it's a competition but I guess I don't think about it like that, for me it's more like exposure, fun and an experience. How often do you get to sing on National T.V.? It's like buying a lottery ticket. I didn't even think I would get picked. "

When asked about how he felt  the moment he was about to do his blind audition on The Voice
"I would say somewhat horrifying really, it's really pretty scary, not debilitating. I'm used to performing with Riot, with a band, whereas on The Voice they have an awesome band that you play with but they are behind you and I'm all alone on the stage. Also the way the blind audition is set up, they want to make it as dramatic as possible. The studio is silent and you walk out and you can hear your footsteps and you take your mark on that stage and you are waiting for the click to come in, then there is that pause.. I mean (with Riot V) I sang in front of 20,000 people and I haven't been as freaked out as being on (The Voice).  Part of it is because it is a situation that you have never been in. The cool thing is I know the song (Juke Box Hero) forever, I have been singing it forever and I am prepared."


 When asked about Riot V future recording plans
"The guys have been working a lot on music so we definitely like to put out an album later this year "


Todd Michael Hall is best known as the lead singer of RIOT V, which features members of legendary metal pioneers RIOT. RIOT V's latest album, "Armor Of Light", came out in April 2018 via Nuclear Blast

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