Hansi Kürsch-New Blind Guardian Album Will Be More Progressive Less Orchestrated

February 16, 2020

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to Blind Guardian, Demons& Wizards' singer Hansi Kursch. Kursch  went in depth about the musical themes and the musical direction of the new Demons & Wizards album 3. He also gave an update on the new Blind Guardian album and the timeline.

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 When asked about the musical direction of the new Demons & Wizards album 3
"The new album is more defined. I would say the Demons & Wizards first two albums  have been very strong and they showcased the direction and we established a style apart from what Blind Guardian and Iced Earth were doing over all these years.  On this new album there is a strong atmospheric element almost in every song, there is a lot of diversity, we go from  alternative sounding songs like, 'Invincible' for example to classic rock songs like 'Children of Cain' or the intense music like the song 'Diabolic'. Demons & Wizards covers everything from almost folk like songs, to classic rock music of the 70's up to almost intense Thrash Metal. I have to say  there is a high variety of different sounding songs on the album, all killer, no fillers. There's a lot of passion on this album and whatever people liked on the first two album with more variety. On the new album we have a song like 'Timeless Spirit' which almost goes into a Pink Floyd  direction and another  song like 'Children of Cain' which goes into a doomy Black Sabbath melancholic directions."

When asked if the new album is a lot more darker than the first two albums
"Jon and  feel   the album delivers a glimpse of hope so it's not so dark as it appears to people, you're not the first one saying that maybe that's also related to the album cover which is related to the song Diabolic which deals with the fall of Lucifer or the events after the fall of Lucifer when he's joining forces with Beelzebub and Satan to establish other war against heaven.  There is a lot of darkness also in the songs but I said I also feel that  there's always that light at the end of the tunnel."


 When asked about the lyrical theme off the new album 

Midas Disease- This is about a TV preacher who manipulates people and succeeds.

Diabolic -The events after the fall of Lucifer when hell is established and Lucifer's going to join forces with Beelzebub and Satan.

 Invincible- Is inspired by Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials'   and it deals with a main protagonist called Lyra.

 Wolves in Winter-  It's about accepting the beast in yourself. 

 Final Warning -Another literature inspiration by  Brandon Sanderson book Stormlight Archives. 

 Timeless Spirit- Is about a spiritual journey you're on and on this journey you will meet your former carnations. 

 Dark side of her Majesty- It is fictional comic idea John has for the story which he might create later on it's about a vampire queen who steals young children but it's pretending, it's like the wolf amongst lamb.

 New Dawn  Is one of the songs musically which contains some positive elements. This is about a person  which goes to the extreme no matter what and who you know is not willing to give up a wrong position  and this person is willing to sacrifice the world for it.

Universal truth - Is an uplifting song about what you can accomplish if you believe in yourself and if you have allies basically.

Children of Can- It's a dystopian story I came up with and this it is a society living to similar rules than ours but the law of Cain is essential  at some point you have to undergo a ritual where you are supposed to kill your brother.


 When asked if they will be touring with Demons & Wizards
"I mean we would love to tour but the reality is we have to go back to Blind Guardian and Iced Earth  and keep our focus on our main bands and then we will have to see whatever whenever there will be a chance to join forces again, that's up in the air in the moment because schedules are packed. There are things to come for Demons & Wizards we are intending on releasing the first Demons & Wizards live album."

When asked about the new Blind Guardian Album
 We stopped the first pre-production Blind Guardian yesterday but we will continue in March 2020 and then from April to October November we will finish the Blind Guardian album.It's another amazing ride the album is more progressive then people probably would expect but it's typical Blind Guardian. When we spoke last time I'd probably not even have been aware of it because I was the of the opinion that there still is a lot of orchestration .  Over the last two months I realized it's far less than I thought but as I mentioned it goes more into a progressive direction that is the case they are like three speed thrash metal songs on there and the rest is more on on the complex side."


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