Annihilator Jeff Waters-When Rush's Neil Peart Died, a little Piece of Canada Died

January 23, 2020

 Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke in depth with Annihilator mainman Jeff Waters; about Rush's Neil Peart's passing, Touring the USA, working with former Annihilator singer Coburn Pharr and their new album Sadistic Ballistic which will be released January 24 2020 on Silver Lining Music.
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 When asked about the passing of Rush Drummer Neil Peart
"My top three Rush songs are Spirit of Radio, Limelight and Tom Sawyer.   Rush to me is just part of Canada, they are almost not even people, it's a religion, it's a statue, it's a feeling, it's something you are proud of.  Peart was and Rush is part of Canada, when Neil Peart died a little piece of Canada died."

When asked about the lyrical themes off the new album Ballistic Sadistic
"Seven or Eight of the songs are kind about the same subject and they are just worded sometimes and little specific or more general. The album is not internationally out there trying to create awareness for this subject of the album. In 2001 I wrote a song about domestic violence and it was not about what people think about the stereotypical domestic violence, which is the guy hits or hurts the girl, it was in the reverse and that happens a lot more than people think. Since then I wrote 5 more songs about that subject, not condoning it just saying how wrong it is. So this album in general all spawns from a personal incident that happened to me recently and it wasn't actually me involved in the domestic abuse it was someone else but it was very close to me and I became  a third party in that mess . I had to get this record out personally because  I had to get through it like a therapy by getting it all out in the music.The music is much angrier than anything  the songs and the music were therapy as i am not an angry person."

When asked about working with former Annihilator singer Coburn Pharr who sang on Never, Neverland
"Oh yeah, I talked to him last night, he was at my house in the summer, I talk to him all the time. I don't do this reunion and anniversary crap but that is the one thing I would stop and go backwards for  my favorite record, Never, Neverland. The record most people like over all the others and that was the reason I spoke to Coburn last year. I would never do a complete Never Neverland band reunion but I would like to work with Coburn again."

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