Bob Kulick Elaborates on his Social Media Attack on Brother Bruce, Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley

November 10, 2019

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice  recently interviewed Grammy award wining producer, guitarist Bob Kulick who played classic albums such as Kiss Alive 2, Kiss Killers , Paul Stanley's Solo album, W.A.S.P. The Crimson Idol, Meatloaf Bad Attitude and so many more. 


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 Bob elaborated on his recent Facebook Post attacking his Brother Bruce Kulick & Kiss' Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley 

When asked about the specifics in regards to his brother Bruce's Copyright infringement on selling Kulick Brother merch on Kiss Website without his permission   
"The only way that I will contest this is through the court of public opinion, based upon my lawyers assessment  it makes no sense to spend money chasing dishonorable people.
This is how it went, Bruce came to me and said  I've found somebody who could do a design for us but you would have to pay half (which was $750.00) to get it going, so I did that." 

(The photos that were taken on my Facebook post of the Kulick merchandise  were taken from from KISS Army warehouse website which Keith Leroux controls)

 Keith Leloux who is one of Kiss' confidants is also in charge of some of the concert packages where he takes photos of the people who were paying an exorbitant amount of money to be able to stand on the stage where the band Kiss is gonna stand. Keith Leroux is an arrogant person who has decided that he can do what he wants when he wants to do it and his company KISS Army Warehouse has obtained from my brother merchandise that I didn't even have. Like for instances I don't even have a ball cap as part of our merch standards. I don't know when they did that? Some photos I obviously I signed  but I didn't give anybody permission to put them on KISS Army Warehouse website and have them sold without permission, with an agreement how much they are selling these for and what is my share. And since I'm out of pocket $750 who is going to reimburse that amount. I mean it's just as simple as that you know, it's a business selling a shirt, like selling a car. I'm not talking about suing anybody I'm not talking about legal action. I am about to play the game with these people who after 46 years have showed me very little respect for what I've done. I'm not paying one penny to do anything legal to these people because it's not worth it to get into a circumstance where they will immediately do what they've always done which is to see whose pockets are deeper. I'm not saying there's any money owed to me other than what's owed to me from this merchandise, that's all and how much could it be? I'm just being honest it's a copyright infringement this is mainly being done not to collect the money that they owe me, this is not about that what it's about is respect.  Sometimes you have to show people that they need to respect.  I'm a Grammy award-winning producer with 17 platinum or gold records I played lead guitar on a number-one hit single Diana Ross' 'Why Do Fools Fall In Love'.

 When asked about the specifics of his brothers Bruce's restraining order
"In an effort to mend the fences bury the hatchet whatever you want to call it from a bad and ugly situation that Bruce precipitated last year by disrespecting me and taking my name off of a contract that was offered to us for the Kiss cruise of last year. After a successful Kiss cruise the year before my brother was totally intimidated by the fact that as I said to him finally Bruce it's taken all this time we finally found our band here's the band to conquer the world with. The band that I put together Brent Fitz and Todd Kerns.  My brother was shaking in his shoes when I said to him we're gonna have to ask Paul and Gene to pay for other people to come and play with us ? Yeah I said because  we deserve to have our own band, we're stars, you're a star Bruce act like it but he has no balls at all so I had to go and set that up, so that Paul and Gene would have to pay two other performers to come and be our band. Then we were listed as Kiss Konfidential down there with the people who were on the panel nothing, wrong with that, we did do a panel but we also played. nobody knew what we were gonna play.  They didn't even have us listed as performers. They mentioned the other performers but not us how insulting. The Kulick brothers, no rehearsal, no sound check, the guinea pigs, the first band to play on the cruise with electric instruments.  Kiss only played acoustically, big difference. So there's everybody crowded in the whole ship, like the Titanic, it was kind of tipping over from everybody standing there. What did we do?  We mopped the floor with Kiss. Mopped the floor with them playing their own songs, totally kicked ass. I looked to my brother and said this is magic. I then got tours booked for this band, offers, I had record deals ready to go even if it was only to play the songs we played on the cruise. Bruce turned all of it all down. Costing me work and wasting my time." 

 When asked if he should have confirmed with Bruce all these plans to record and tour first
"I mean he basically did what I would have done, show me first.  If this is real, show me, so I was just like okay.  A representative from Europe called and wanted to have a meeting with Bruce and his wife and Bruce was just like good luck helping Bob I really can't be involved because I have my Grand Funk gig.  Which they only do select dates and it would have been possible just like he was able to arrange the time to be able to do the cruise without it being any conflict of interest with his main gig Grand Funk Railroad. I would have thought he could have squeezed the Kulick Brothers Band  an exceptional band featuring two brothers who even though they may not even like each other play unbelievable together.  Why?  I taught him how to play he's got the same influences that I do, his brain works like mine does, we're from the same parents, so we both share the same gift as guitar players, so who could play better with me than him? Nobody. "

"As I  told Meatloaf  back in the day when we auditioned my brother and I. They wanted me, they knew I had played with Alice Cooper and that I'd had experience, they didn't think my brother was that great and they told me they had somebody else they wanted to take and have me work with them.  I made it clear it's the Kulick brothers or not at all and I've done that for him throughout his career in mine same with Kiss. Uh-oh looks like Vinnie Vincent is leaving you should call my brother.  Gene said he's got a mustache, I said he could shave. A year later Paul Stanley calling me while I'm in London with  Meatloaf, uh do you have your brother's number yeah uh we're thinking about having him come and fill in for Mark St John. Oh really fill in for Mark huh, why don't you just hire him like I told you, he should be in the band what are you doing? Who got Bruce  that gig with Kiss, me and the fact that his talent was like mine, somebody who could really play. So  I'm insulted and hurt that after all that I've done for my brother that he's selling merchandise with my name on it without paying me and not talking to me and then getting a restraining order cuz he doesn't want to hear the truth of me calling or texting or emailing him. Hey no matter what we're brothers the only brother I have there's nobody left in my family our parents are gone and I dare say if my mom was alive he wouldn't have dared done anything like this because she would have kicked his ass. My mom took no shit from anybody like me not gonna take shit from anybody. People showed their true colors, he's an ingrate I did everything for him and he never returned the favor all those records that I produced I always made sure that I hired Bruce to play so we could have a good time and we lived those moments when we were kids.  And we'd just play out of sheer love just being able to jam and listen to Leslie West play and be shown some of the licks or hidden figuring out something and showing me it was a great time before he was Kissed, before he was blessed with being in this band, blessed I'm not sure I would say blessed any longer. Bruce is still in communication with Kiss and still checks with them that is it okay, if I do this that or the other thing and they may call upon him to come in and play a bass on something or whatever it is, it's i kind of a loose  relationship where he feels that there's still money to be milked from these people and that he's not gonna miss any of it." 


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