Saxon's New Album, working on 10-11 tracks & there are a few mad fast songs-Doug Scarratt

October 30, 2019

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice  spoke with Saxon guitarist Doug Scarratt. Scarrat spoke about the bands upcoming studio album, the 40 year anniversary Live The Eagle has Landed Album and singer Biff Byford's health status.

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 When asked about their new The Eagle has landed 40 year anniversary Live album
"It's difficult when you make a live album because they're some songs in the set that are always going to be in the set so you can tend to repeat yourself over the years. But this Live album is really the most diverse we've released, it really does span all our history and albums. There's a lot of stuff on there that's never been on a live album so it's cool. There are guest appearances on this album too which makes a little more special right,  Phil Campbell on 'Strangers In the Night',  you've got Ace of Spades with Fast Eddie Clarke  and guitarist producer Andy Sneap that does 20,000 feet.  We know Andy very well  we've worked with him quite a lot over the last ten years and that was fun.  It was great having Campbell up with us and it was a real buzz and having Eddie Clark up there which was one of those pinch yourself moments."


 When asked about how the recording sessions are coming along for the upcoming new Saxon studio album
"We don't kind of go into the studio and lock the doors anymore we do write more at home just because it's just such a large commitment now for everyone. However we have had quite a few weeks in the studio together you know hacking out some ideas, Nibs has written a lot of material on this record  but at the moment  we're at a stage where  a lot could change and a lot more of  songs can disappear and other songs can can come up. We've got 10 or 11 tracks to lay down and  Biff's already been working on some of the stuff  like the  melodies so I think his plan is just used to start  to put some stuff down January, February 2020 time and then see see where we go. We're early on in the process but we have quite a bit of material to play with at the moment. We have Nigel's drum backing tracks  at the moment and  they're vehicles for Biff to write lyrics and melody.  We're not at that vocal lyric stage yet that's what it comes down to.  Although I think Biff  he can't sit still. There are a couple of groove oriented songs  heavy song that Nigel spoke about and  there's some songs that are mad fast stuff as well. But all the songs are  just musical structures  and until the vocals and the melody on there, you've just got a backing track. "

When asked about how critical they are when they write new albums
"We sometimes go off on a tangent and have to be pulled back and don't try to venture too far to the left and right.  It's very difficult not to be influenced by stuff you're listening to at the time. I think we're all pretty good at knowing what what we're supposed to sound like now without without being too disciplined.  There's  room for movement, there's room for creativity absolutely. "

 When asked about Biff Byford's current heart health status and how it affected him
"Obviously it was a really massive shock, it really knocked me sideways. I just didn't think that would happen to him you know. I was extremely upset and it was just so out of the blue. I mean he's such an energy force. It was shocking but scary but he's doing all right. I'm going to visit him. I've spoke to him on the phone a few times and he sounds like himself  and  I think he's doing all right. He's already walking a couple of mile.  I'm looking forward to seeing him."


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