Helloween Michael Weikath-We wrote the 'Chameleon' Album to get rid of our 2 million Deutschmarks Debt

September 15, 2019

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice  recently spoke to Helloween's guitarist Michael Weikath. Weikath spoke about the band reuniting after all these years , the upcoming writing sessions of the new album and the bands new live Cd/Dvd BluRay, Helloween  United & Alive in Madrid' which will be released October 4th on Nuclear Blast


 When asked how Helloween managed to heal old wounds and reunite not like other bands
"We have a different outlook and we have a different upbringing. That whole school system in Germany is quite different and Michael Kiske have this new-age approach towards things and he wants to be a wise character he's thinking karma and stuff.  I'm doing the same you know.  Kiske and I used to be best friends in the past, it would be meager, puny and weak you know if we couldn't sort out any issues for a reunion, we just needed a little talk. We know each other so well from from the past. We both agree there were some kind of demons in the past that screwed everything up. We don't even know today how we both got onto the wrong track and became so negative towards each other? It's like a big burden that you have to carry around with yourself for no use at all, just to be f***** right, just to be on the cool side, just to be Mr. Right. Names come to mind of other famous bands where you can say they will never have a reunion. Plus we have a very good management who put us together in the past with Kai Hansen and that would have been near to impossible if you have separate managements. "

When asked why people should pick up the latest Live offering by Helloween
"It's the combination of a lot of things, maybe we didn't play so well in the past. In the 80's. there were crazy conditions and lots of stress and somehow you had to cope with equipment that didn't quite work. Camera teams being  difficult at times, too much booze and stuff and everyone too self-centered. I mean we have old recordings of the Hell of Wheels  tour and I was freaking fat cause I've had lost a testicle and the hormones  inside me were going freaking crazy and I added twenty kilos to my angelic appearance from before. I looked  like a like a freaking dumb badass, it did not make me feel really proud. "


 When asked about the progress of  writing the new album with Pumpkins United
There will be 5 guys writing, Michael Kiske is not going to compose much except whatever he thinks will get into consideration. The pre-production we are going to start end of October 2019, that would entail three months  where we will arrange, brainstorm, try things for new song material and then whatever is cool is going to be kept for the main recordings later. " 

When asked if the musical directions will be a continuation of their last album My God Given Right
"My God Given right was done quite a different way,  we had 25 tracks and the producer picked the ones that he thought were the most worthwhile  and bam you had that album ready, we just recorded all the ready-made demos . This time on the new album we have a lot more fragments  and eventually there's going to be some great stuff I just know.  It's going to be a lot of work it's going to take some time but that's probably a great approach if we're all not too old for it or if we're not too uncool for it. We have Charlie Bauerfeind and Dennis Ward as a producer a team on this album so as there's got to be something great coming out of it.  Denis Ward  knows Unisonic and the way the band worked, Denis been part of the band himself and he knows how to arrange things  and record things and and  come up with great results under the most difficult circumstances and Charlie Bauerfeind is like the main organizer. I wrote three complete tracks, Sascha Gerstner came up with a few things, Markus Grosskopf  finished a few tracks. Kai Hansen and Andi Deria are working on some fragments  and when we put it all together we get creative and so that's the way we're gonna do it.  In terms of musical direction we are not going to do something unexpected, we are going to play it safe in the future."

When asked if they will change the set list on the next Helloween Tour
"Sure maybe we can do something like Twilight of the Gods or if people want to hear Save US or other songs we couldn't do on the last tour because it was already three hours. Next time around it;s going to be different because there are enough stuff to pick from. "


 When asked if Pumpkins United with Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske is a short term or long terms
"We all pretty much feel great and so we are going to keep it that way as long as it goes. From what I understood and from what I heard. I even asked how long are we going to do this and everyone was in agreement we are going to try as long as it lasts."

When asked about if he looks at the Helloween  album Chameleon more favorable then in the past
" I even looked at a favorable back then it was just I thought it could have been even better.I mean  Chameleon could have been better with a  different approach  but it was the result of what was there at the time  and the intentions we had with it. We were lambasted with debt of the amount of two million Deutschmarks, we were just trying to get rid of that somehow and we thought if we if we make the album commercial it would work."


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