Ex-Riot guitarists form new band 'Riot Act' & New music on the way

August 4, 2019

Reporting for The Metal Voice, Kenny Kessel interviewed former guitarists of Riot Lou Kouvaris and Rick Ventura of the newly formed group 'Riot Act' at the Warehouse bar in Amityville New York on August 2 2019. This was Riot Act's second show where the band played songs from the first Three Albums, Rock City, Narita and Fire Down Under.



Watch the interview here

 When asked on how the new band Riot Act was formed

"It came about from Riot V, guitarist Mike Flyntz invited me to perform with Riot V as a guest at B.B. Kings Club and I got to play Swords and Tequila and Warrior on stage after so many years and it just escalated from there. Then Lou was invited to perform with Riot V in Japan. So our performances lite a fire under our butts" Rick Ventura


"I went to Japan in 2015 with Riot V as special guest, I did a little tour with them, Riot V was very gracious and the rest is history. I did ask Rick to do this in 2011 but he was busy doing something else but it took the Riot V people to ignite us " Lou Kouvaris

 When asked what songs will they be playing live

"We are playing songs from the first three Riot albums, Rock City, Narita and Fire Down Under on stage." Lou Kouvaris


When asked if they will be recording any new material

"We are going to do an album, resurrect some old and bring in some new songs, Rick and I have tons of material and we can probably collaborate on." Lou Kouvaris


"It's about getting new material out there not just playing not just playing old stuff but right now we are playing older material cause fans want to hear it. Lou and I never worked together , we never played on the same stage together so playing those classic riot songs is fun, we are having a blast, it reminds you of how great and intense those songs were."Rick Ventura


Lou Kouvaris played and wrote on Riot Debut Album Rock City and wrote on the bands second album Narita 


 Rick Ventura Played and wrote on the Riot albums Narita, Fire Down Under, Restless Breed, and Born in America


Kenny Kessel also sat down with Riot V guitarists Mike Flyntz and Nick Lee to talk about their new Live album, Riot V live in Japan and timeline on a new album

When asked Riot V  about a new studio album 

"We are writing new songs for a new album,  it will be a 2020 release. We have a lot of songs written. We usually write 20 something songs  we are going to put it all together and start recording probably in a month. " Mike Flyntz

When asked about their new Live Album, Riot V live in Japan

" A DVD just got released in Japan and will released around the world soon." Mike Flyntz


"We did the whole Thundersteel album on the Live DVD  from start to finish and also a set of our new and classic songs." Nick Lee


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