Corrosion of Conformity guitarist talks touring with Zakk Wylde

July 31, 2019

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to guitarist of Corrosion of Conformity Woody Weatherman at this years Heavy Montreal festival 2019.

Weather man spoke about touring with Zakk Wylde, plans for the next album and the upcoming Megacruise

Watch interview here

When asked about touring with Zakk Wylde
"Zakk is a jokester, which is cool, he also does play guitar (laughs). We kept on asking him to give us a lick of the day and he would show us something, Pepper and I don’t know what we are doing (laughs). One thing I can say about him is he will joke around all day but when it comes time to go on stage to play his guitar, he is on it, no messing around."

When asked about an update to any potential new album
"No Cross No crown has been out a year and a half and we are still on the road but we are starting to ponder about the next one. Nothing recorded really but there is always riffs. The last record we didn’t have anything really before we went into the studio and we wrote it and  recorded it as we went along and we may kind of adopt that approach again. You go in the morning there is nothing then you leave at the end of the day and there is something. Musically we always like to do something different but we are not going to come out and be the Jonas Brothers."
With their Success of their Queen cover are they planning on doing more cover songs
"That is the topic of discussion at the moment, I don’t know about a whole album, but we have been tossing around some ideas. We had a great time doing that Queen song."



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