Thor Recalls telling Blackie Lawless of W.A.S.P. to go F..K himself over Props Argument in 1984

June 15, 2019

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice  spoke to Jon-Mikl Thor in Montreal, Quebec, Canada at the Piranha Bar on June 14 2019. Thor spoke about his props argument with W.A.S.P. in 1984 , hanging out with Lemmy and Fast Eddie Clark from Motorhead, getting rav reviews by Sir Bob Geldof for his shows, helping  Dee Snider of Twisted Sister train and work out and his thoughts on the Dio Hologram.

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 When asked about his argument with Blackie Lawless of W.A.S.P. in 1984
"What happened was in 1984, we were playing with W.A.S.P. in London England and we had big props like lasers which were shooting out of lion statues and pillars. And W.A.S.P.  had the big buzz saws on stage.  We both had hits on the radio they had F.... like a beast  and we had Thunder on the Tundra and so  it was a battle over the props really. Their management went against our management Douglas Smith who also managed Motorhead and they are fighting about the size of the props, it was a props argument. Yeah my hammer is bigger than your hammer kind of thing.  We tried to do a settlement but then after we had an after-party and they were kind of were snooty you know.  I said, don't you guys get snooty with me,  go f..k yourself.  I got a little heated."

When asked about being review by Sir Bob Geldof
"Bob Geldof came over in 1973 and 74 to work for the Georges Strait which is a weekly periodical in Vancouver British Columbia.  So he was a student in England and this was  learning journalism.  So he came over and he became a big fan of Thor.  He actually did two Thor rave reviews on us, big articles.  He was a Thor fan and later when he got knighted I  met him again when he was doing the Live Aid at the time of Queen in England.  "

When asked about his  Twisted Sister memories
"I I love the Twisted Sister guys, when I lived in New York in the late seventies early 80's they played all around the Tri-state area and none of the labels would sign them and they were packing in every place.   I trained  Dee Snider for a little bit  and got the arms going and he looks pretty like he is in pretty good shape, right. Also Jay Jay French is a tremendous guy and very smart and he did a guest appearance on my Metal Avengers album."


 When asked about hanging with Lemmy and Fast Eddie Clarke of Motorhead
"Fast Eddie Clarke of course  was a great friend I was friends with all the guys in Motorhead  Lemmy, Fast Eddie Clarke and Filthy  because we had the same manager Douglas Smith.  When I lived in England I hung out with all of those guys.  It was a real pleasure to have Fast Eddie Clarke on my Metal Avengers album  it was his last appearance before he passed away. I remembered  Lemmy and how he played the song  Killed by Death when he first wrote it .  He said, Jon you want to hear a song killed by Death by death. At the time Lemmy  was living on a houseboat and so I go see him on his houseboat and then we would have tea together this would be like 1984."

 When asked about his thoughts on the Dio hologram and if he would like a hologram of himself
"I'm not opposed to a Dio  hologram in fact I would like a hologram of myself Thor." 


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