KISSTORY Has a Place for me, alongside Kiss Guitarists-Bob Kulick

November 8, 2018

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice recently interviewed Grammy award wining producer, guitarist Bob Kulick who played on classic albums such as Kiss Alive 2 , Kiss Killers (4 studio tracks), Paul Stanley's Solo album, W.A.S.P. The Crimson Idol, Meatloaf Bad Attitude and so many more. Bob spoke about his career working on these classic album as well as the re-issue of  Murderer's Row Debut which was released in 1996 and also features, Jimmy Waldo on keyboards and David Glen Eisley on vocals (Ex- Giuffria ).

Bob Kulick is known for auditioning for Kiss prior to the band hiring Ace Frehley and playing with the band throughout their Kiss History.




Singer David Glen Eisley Murderer's Row 

 When asked about the Murderer's Row Re-issue
"It is a re-issue but most fans would have never heard the vast majority of what is on this re-issue album. For the following reasons, for one it was released a long time ago in 1996 and second because it was never officially released in a few territories and last because it includes a second disk of demo remixes no one has ever heard before. People will find this album to be a lost nugget of gold.  You will recognize the people involved like Jimmy Waldo (Alcatraz), David Glen Eisley (Ex- Giuffria ) bassist Chuck Wright (Quiet Riot) drummer Drummer Jay Schellenbaum (Asia). Most people will have not heard this so it will appear to be something brand new and we will also be releasing a brand new music video for the album for the song India to support the album. "


When asked about his thoughts on the Kiss Farewell Tour
"I always say never say never again but I guess in this case they want to wrap it up in a great way and that probably makes sense.  The have come full circle all the way from having an idea to being a successful band with a gimmick and then being able to transition through numerous musical changes, styles though the years while keeping themselves as current and as fresh as possible with different members and different costumes concepts. So now reaching this stage of being an institution so to speak a huge brand that people recognize and I think this is the perfect point for them to  set themselves up for a glorious goodbye. "

When asked if he would have been chosen as the guitarist for Kiss instead of Ace, what would he have brought to the band
"If I was in the band we would have written different songs and I might have approached stuff as I did on the Kiss studio song 'Larger than life' which appears on Kiss Alive 2 or Nowhere to run on Kiss Killers fiercely aggressive where necessary and melodic in the places where it needed melody support. I wrote a song  on Kiss Unmasked called Naked City, people can hear my writing on there.  Plus I co-wrote with Gene 4 songs that are featured on Gene Simmons Vault  so there is more of my writing if people would like to hear my style. I played most of the lead guitar  and a lot of the other guitars on Paul Stanley's 1979 solo record. I did the demo for Mr.Speed which was released on the Kiss box sets too."

When asked if the fans consider him one of Kiss' formal guitarists 
"Depends who you ask but I think the fans acknowledgment me  being part of the extended Kiss family. I have my place in Kisstory so to speak alongside the guitar players that played on the records but I don't over analyze it. "

When asked what the spirit was like in the studio when they went in to record new songs after The Elder, off the Killers album
"They were trying to get these songs going while they were working on Creatures of the night  and seeing about making a member change, for Ace to be replaced. I was called upon again as the bands friend and resident guitar player helper and help them work on new songs off of the Kiss Killers greatest hits album.The song Nowhere to Run and Partners in Crime I had a good time playing and  was a lot of fun to do. Kiss was trying to do 5 different things at once and that made it very distracting and more challenging for all involved. Trying to find a new guitar player, trying to finish one record and working on another record it was pretty comprehensive. "



 When asked if he played or contributed to Creature of the night
"I played on a couple things and then the wound up not being used. "

When asked about his feeling towards W.A.S.P. Crimson idol remake
"I have not heard it but it's flattering that Blackie would want to remake the album but coming up with what I came up with in terms of solos, somebody playing my parts  is a lot different than playing and coming up with the original solos with no guidelines."


In the 1970s, Bob worked with KISS on “Alive II”, followed by “Unmasked” and “Killers”, as well as Paul Stanley’s 1978 solo LP. Bob’s younger brother, Bruce Kulick, would go on to join KISS for a number of years. Bob also found time to play on Lou Reed’s “Coney Island Baby” (1975), Michael Bolton’s 1983 debut, WASP’s “The Crimson Idol” (1992) and “Still Not Black Enough” (1995), in addition to a long running collaboration with Meat Loaf, from touring the “Bat Out Of Hell” LP, through to 1987’s “Live at Wembley” album, and also two albums with Balance in the early 80s. In the 1990s he recorded with Blackthorne alongside former Rainbow vocalist Graham Bonnet, as well as the hard rock group, Skull, who released their sole LP, “No Bones About It” in 1991  


You can order the Murderer's Row Debut album here


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