New U.D.O. Guitarist Found, 26 years Old and Unknown- UDO Dirkschneider

August 22, 2018

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to Udo Dirkschneider about the bands new album  Steelfactory and the band finding a new guitarist. 

 U.D.O.'s upcoming album, "Steelfactory", will be released on August 31 via AFM


When asked about the making of the new  U.D.O.  album Steelfactory
"The album was done a little bit different this time around, we did it face to face with the band, there was more teamwork. My last albums Steelhammer and Decadent most of the songs were written just by two people bassist Fitty Wienhold and me.  This time the band was involved, also my son 24 year old son Sven was coming up with good ideas  that were a little more modern as he is from a completely different generation."

When asked if he is open to collaborating with former Accept singer David Reece in the future
"Not at the moment because I don't have any time to do any collaborations like Duets. David was asking me if we could do a song together. Maybe one day I can make a special E.P. and choose different artists to sing together but at the moment I am too busy.'

When asked if he would consider playing at least one Accept song on his upcoming U.D.O. tour
"No, I said I would not do it anymore. On the next U.D.O. tour we definitely won't play any Accept songs. Accept still exists, Mark Tornillo is a good singer and if you really want to hear Accept songs you can go to Accept show."

When asked about the status on finding a new guitarist to replace Bill Hudson and what qualities they are  looking for in a new guitarist
"The last two guitarist I had were  Kasperi Heikkinen and Bill Hudson and both of them were not really team players. In U.D.O. I am not a solo artist, we want to work as a team and that is what we did on this new album and this is very important for us.  These two guys were definitely were not team players. Bill was not interested in coming up with ideas when we were recording the album. For me I didn't want to have the same situation again and I needed more time to look for a new second guitar player. So I asked  Stefan Kaufmann  to fill in and help us out. We now know which guitar player it will be but we will announce this in the middle of September 2018."

When asked about the possibility of bringing former Accept guitarist Herman Frank
"No, I don't want to have these old memories, I want to keep going forward.  I can tell you our new U.D.O. guitarist is 26 years old and Unknown and this is what I am looking for someone more modern  and someone  young so they can add  fresh blood into the band. Nothing against Herman he has his style  but I want to have fresh blood into the band."

When asked if Herman Frank Played on Accept's Balls to the Wall Album
"Herman was not playing on Balls to the Wall, he just did half of a solo on Losers and Winners, that's it."

In addition to Udo and his son Sven (drums), the DIRKSCHNEIDER and U.D.O. bands include bassist Fitty Wienhold and guitarist Andrey Smirnov. 



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