Ronnie James Dio had an understanding about religion & the way Religion Works - Sam Dunn

May 11, 2018

Jimmy Kay From Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to Canadian Filmmaker Sam Dunn (Metal a headbangers Journey, Rush Beyond the Lighted Stage, Super Duper Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden Flight 666 etc..)

Dunn Talked about Talks about Banger films TV and Digital, Ronnie James Dio, Canada's Place in Metal, is Rock and Roll Dead ? And more


 When asked how he went for being a metal Fan to producing films
"A combination of  right place, right time and meeting some talented people along the way. It goes back to our first film A Headbangers journey, we started with an idea that really hadn't been done before and it was pretty crazy for the time that you can make a smart in-depth documentary about Heavy Metal music and culture and low and Behold it was a success. The film really opened a lot of doors for us and allowed us to establish relationships with big artists, like Rush Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper and now we are doing a film on ZZ Top. It was about creating quality that the fans liked and the musicians respected. "

When asked about what was the coolest thing he found out about Ronnie James Dio when he interviewed him in the Metal Movie
"That interview with Dio happened 14 years ago, 2004. I think what I discovered about Dio that time how much of a scholar and level of understanding about religion and the way religion works, he was raised religiously as a young person. And I just remember when I asked him questions between religion and metal, the symbols that get used in metal, the lyrics how religion gets tackled in metal music, Dio had some of the most thoughtful responses. I learned a lot from him."


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