Anvil Lips Explains how his American Statement was Misinterpreted & Apologizes

March 4, 2018

 On Anvil's Facebook page today The Band Explains how Lips statement about  Americans were misinterpreted in the interview on Belfast Metal on February 13 concert at The Limelight 2 in Belfast,


"To my US friends, the post from blabbermouth was a misinterpreted statement. It was meant to be in reference to Anvil's business dealings in the country. When attempting to find people to help us out and do business with we found that no one was willing unless immediate money was to be made. As a prime example record labels wanted our first three albums for free which automatically meant they made money instantly off the hard work and investment of the Canadian label that paid and produced these recordings. As a result those recordings are still not released domestically to this day. The labels were unwilling to work towards a goal.. whether it's laziness or greediness makes little or no difference the end result is the same. There are many such instances through out our time in the music business. As with most of humanity people want as much as possible for as little as possible. Money for nothing. It was meant as a generalized statement. Unfortunately and as usual statements taken out of context to cause as much attention as possible. I apologize to any and all for this. Truly a sad representation of intentions. I'm hoping people can see past this and forgive me if you've been insulted. LIPS."



Anvil & Anvil Wives interview at the Hall of Heavy Metal History







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