Judas Priest NEW Complete Song 'LIGHTNING STRIKE'- LISTEN

January 5, 2018

"Lightning Strike" is taken from JUDAS PRIEST's new album, "Firepower", which will be released in March 2018.


LISTEN to the NEW SONG Here 


Judas Priest 'Lightning Strike' TRACK Review by Jimmy Kay THE METAL VOICE


K-Man's Written review of the NEW song Lightning Strike


So I just heard the brand new JUDAS PRIEST single from the upcoming album: FIREPOWER.


I, for one, am pleasantly pleased. :)


Priest seem much more in their comfort zone, back in the saddle ONCE AGAIN. This NEW SINGLE from the forthcoming album "FIREPOWER" is easily more reminiscent of the more forgotten gems of the Painkiller and Angel Of Retribution era. They're not swinging down any fences but they're not trying to push anyone's buttons either. It feels like this is what they wanted from the last album "Redeemer Of Souls" but couldn't get there. THIS is a solid chunk of PURE Priest. And sure, it's nothing EARTH-SHATTERING, it doesn't say "WELCOME HOME" like Revolution did in 2005, and it doesn't pull you into the unknown like NOSTRADAMUS (2009) does...In a way, it's very much like our BRITISH STEEL prime minister's dream for a great Britain.


JUDAS PRIEST *IS* "strong and stable" "Lightning Strike" waves the Priest flag high and boasts some tasty harmonising between Tipton and Ritchie Falkner too, very much missed on the last CD. Halford is clearly now more aware of his own limitations and yet, with this first single commands attention in true Metal God form. Composed yet conquering. And I hope Firepower can rev up some deadly force in the oncoming months! A strong introduction. 3/5. Better than most of everything on Redeemer Of Souls for sure and MOST of the credit deserves to go to the producers who clearly have gotten the best out of Priest, like everyone wants! That's my thought's worth, A true white and blue, heavy metal maniac Cheers, K-Man. \m/




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