Stryper's Michael Sweet is Open to Co-Write Music with Dave Mustaine

December 31, 2017

Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon from Canada's The Metal Voice  recently spoke with Stryper front man Michael Sweet. Sweet spoke about the New Stryper album, a new song called Take it to the Cross that will feature Death Metal growls, new bassist Perry Richardson faith, co-writing with Dave Mustaine and the shooting of the upcoming Stryper Documentary 



 When asked if he would consider doing a project with Dave Mustaine from Megadeth
"You got to talk to Dave about that. I mentioned it to Dave in multiple texts, let's write, let's co-write let's do this let's do that and he always invites me out to his place in Nashville. Dave has always been very gracious and I have never been able to get to Nashville or at least in the past few years to plan out an actual session with Dave to write. But Dave and  I at some point I hope will collaborate and do something together. I love Dave I respect him I think he is a brilliant mind, brilliant musician and he is a friend of mine."

When asked if being a Christan was part of the job description in hiring Perry Richardson for as  Stryper's new bassist  
"It's a valid question, to answer your question, NO and it might make people gasp, it might shock people, it might even lose a few fans by hearing Michael Sweet saying that. What is at the top of the priority list is that they are good people, that they are clean and sober and that they are really good musicians and for Stryper a really important piece is that they can sing. we are a vocal band. It's not easy to find somebody that can sing and that can play and that is a great person. "

"The Christan thing is that doesn't always make you a great person. Some of the biggest idiots I know claim to be Christian and then vice versa. Is it something that would be really great to see and have of course, it's funny cause Perry has said that he is a Christian.  But we didn't go there." 

When asked if Perry Richardson played bass on the New Stryper Album
"The situation with the new Stryper album Perry had a schedule to fulfill and we were on schedule to make the new album so there wasn't anyway he could play on the album, so next time around we will see. So for the new album we hired called John O' Boyle who played bass on my last two solo albums, his performances will speak for themselves."

When asked about the musical direction of the new Stryper album
"The new album comes out in late April 2018. I can tell you this this is Stryper's best album. There is a song that is close to Yahweh (song from Fallen album ) and it's really different it will surprise a lot of people. The title of the album is very controversial and very shocking, it holds its own and perhaps surpasses To Hell with the Devil in terms of that catch phrase.


There is a song called 'Take it to the Cross and we brought in Matt Bachand who plays guitar in 'Shadows Fall' and also plays Bass in 'Act of Defiance'. And Matt has a great growl voice. So we brought him in on 'Take it to the Cross' (new song) and on the chorus you will hear Matt growl and at the end of the song you will hear Matt growl.People are going to hear that and say that''s no way Stryper! More in line with Thrash, Death Metal but not over the top. People are going to hear it and say WHAT THE HELL? "

When asked about the Stryper Documentary
"We started shooting it while making the album and we are going to continue filming and shooting throughout this year on tour and interviewing lots of people, from Pastors who have changed their lives who were alcoholics and drug addicts, to celebrities who grew up listening to Stryper, people unexpected.  We are trying to show the side of the affect Stryper has had on people's lives and of course the music, tons of home video footage too."


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