K-Man Picks 'Ray Wylie Hubbard' New Album, Best Album 2017 for TMV

December 14, 2017

Let me preface this: by stating first, unequivocally: Ray Wylie Hubbard IS " AS METAL AS ALL-GET-OUT!! "  


By K-man (The Metal Voice Writer)

*In the truest sense of what Metal is, and what it should FOREVER Be.  Which is simple: "BAD-ASS ROCKIN "

You can dress it up in robes or strip it down til it's just wood and wires but if you KNOW then you should already know, you're in for a treat! 

TTD..IGTAFAIC... (jFc!) is yet another, 'DARK & Shining' example of his latest and greatest efforts in the form of YES, Another RWH album.


(And not for nothin BUT JUST SO WE'RE CLEAR...)

...I first heard "Snake Farm" (2006) by way of my best mate's dad and we sat in his car and he let me listen to it... so I listened... and my first response was just this; SNAKE FARM IS FUCKING GENIUS!! - A smokey, grimy, back-room-front-porch type song, nothin but chords, a rattle, snare and REAL "grip n groove", that's it...and he says it ain't exactly KumBayAh, but IT IS TO ME!


Anyway - the point is...THIS IS NOT ABOUT 'Snake Farm' or 'THE WAY OF THE FALLEN'...that's for another review; another time.


MR. Ray Wylie Hubbard really has a way in his songs of speaking directly to the devout.  And I don't even know exactly what I mean by that; all I know is I'm a believer!


Opening track: 1.  God Look Around and borrowing a leaf from the book of creation RWH doth blow breath into existence!  Yet not before spinning it with good charm and good humour into a clomping, bluesy, bonna-fide 'Ray Wylie Hubbard classic'.

2.  Dead Thumb King is, for me, I think, without a doubt!  My favourite song of the set.  It had me in its clutches from the get-go (can you call that magic?? ha) cause I can't help love Ray at his unapologetic best, AND HE IS - the dead thumb king...lest ya doubt!

3.  Spider, Snaker And Little Sun is a cool track about the blues, about rock n roll,  about things needing to be seen to be believed and then...being unable to believe what youve just seen!  As far as I can see!

NOW, PLEASE FORGET WHAT I MAY HAVE SAID ABOVE... Because after all, AT LEAST; in METAL - isn't it Below what counts???

4.  Lucifer And The Fallen Angels ABSOLUTELY takes the cake as my favrite jam, on the record: it's a real drivin' song, haha...

...didn't I say, I'd put *Snake Farm* behind me?? Okay then...

This song is prime example of why I love everything about Ray Wylie Hubbard, sure he's old and he's no CHRIS STAPLETON but there's a pile of beans still on the stalk...and that's cool! by me!

Now suppose, I MIGHT say, the Fifth track *5.  Open G* is REALLY the best track of the bunch, I know, I know... but it is a good slice of fun so let's not take the piss eh??

After ALL it does come to be pretty self-explanatory, but trust me...*cause it resonates*

(Despite the fact: I still have no idea how he plays the guitar like that!)

6.  House Of The White Rose Bouquet is a sad, sultry, warning, break out the mandolins, candles and hankies and be forewarned.

7.  Tell The Devil... I'm not typing the whole name out again...*


The title track and lead single, it's a song about rock n roll, about love and Eva Green gets a shout-out, and I'd like to think she'd be flattered!  Nice trade-off, nice song.

8.  Rebellious Sons A mystical, moody number, with three-cheers and mud in your eye for luck.  A great fireside chat and conjures up all kinds of thoughts!

9.  Old Wolf Keeps the party going with a real Mother Hubbard-style Twist.  And if you're not smiling, you're not listening.  "AH-OOOOooo"

10.  Prayer

Nice little segue soliloquy into the final track, that really makes me wonder...

11.  In Times Of Cold

Sends off this album off into rest proper.   A gorgeous duet that'll make even the most hardened of bastards sit up and listen before they sink too deep into their sorrows.  Beautiful, tragic, masterful.

Ray Wylie Hubbard has done it again to me.  My favourite album of 2017.



18th August 2017*






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