'Dream Theater  going into the studio around May 2018 to begin new album'- Jordan Rudess

December 4, 2017

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to Dream Theater's Keyboardist Jordan Rudess. Rudess spoke about his classical training as a child, his induction into the Hall of Heavy Metal History, how he joined Dream Theater, their latest album The Astonishing, the departure of Mike Portnoy and the bands future plans.




When asked about his induction into the Hall of Heavy Metal History in 2018
"It's very exciting, awesome, how flattering. You go about you life you do your thing, you do your best and now and then somebody wants to give you a little bit of an honour for something. It's all really nice. Especially in the music business where it's very much about the community and all the different  people you know and make music with. So I am very honored by that it's cool."

When asked about the polarization of their fan  to their latest album The Astonishing 
"I think that musically there is so much in it. I think what polarized people the most actually  is the nature of the story. A kind of story that was a little difficult for some people to deal with, kind of a Game of Thrones ish, Lord of the rings ish, Maybe it was a little lite for our more Metal fans. "

When ask how his role changed in Dream Theater when drummer Mike Portnoy left the band
"Mike is so talented in so many different things, he had his finger on a lot of the pulses of what was making the band work even though there is so much capability in the band between all the guys. Still losing Mike everyone had to rise to the occasion if you will. From a strictly music situation I was already writing a lot of the music  of course John Petrucci was writing so much of the music that was not the biggest challenge at all. The bigger challenge was understanding how we were going to operate this machine and deal  with the fact that Mike was such a big presence that the fans certainly needed to be really conscious of that so we could keep our business intact. "

"Mike in so many ways was a lovable character that when he left it was like the foundation of the earth was changing. I remember sitting on my steps at my studio and not understand this change. But it all worked out  we kind of came into our own and I walk on stage every night and I have an incredible relationship, especially musically with drummer Mike Mangini, we bond in a way that's really  fun and really cool and I feel like Dream Theater is in a really strong position."

When asked about the future plans for Dream Theater, possible new album
"We have been on the road for almost two years and now we are going to take a break and go to the studio and make a new album around May and see what happens."


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