Queensryche's Operation Mindcrime story being worked on as a Screenplay by famous Screenwriter & Producer- Geoff Tate

November 29, 2017

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to former Queensryche singer Geoff Tate about his new Operation Mindcrime Album 'The  New Reality',pt3 as well as a charity song that he will be releasing, Operation Mindcrime story as a movie, The Trinity, 3 Tremours and takes fan questions.




When speaking about the new charity single he just finished recording
"I just finished a song that I am planning to release, for my charity that I support which is called MERCY WATCH.  Which is a homeless support charity that finds doctors, social workers and drug counselors. It helps  place homeless people in programs where they can get better and get onto a more productive life. That single is going to be going up for sale on itunes I believe around Christmas." (under the Geoff Tate banner)

When asked if he would ever collaborate again with Chris Degarmo
"Chris and I we had our time, we had quite a lot of success working and like all relationships, unless you really guard them and really nurture and take care of them, you kind of drift apart. It's inevitable. In our case you know he had other things he wanted to do with his life and his wife was very in need of him staying home and not touring. He had two young children at the time.  We parted ways and you honour and respect the work you did together. No communication in quiet awhile."

When asked about if he would continue the three Tremors Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson and the Trinity Project with Blaze and Ripper Owens
" No the three Tremours was never meant to be anything, it was actually diner conversation that we were having on tour, when we were all touring together.  Somebody overheard us talking it and before you knew it everybody was expecting a record."

"As for the Trinity,  the biggest challenge is our schedules it's really difficult to align especially with Blaze, so we are trying to get more dates in different parts of the world. I for one had a great time working with those guys, they are absolutely madmen and so talented and so fun to be around."

When asked if he would consider making Operation Mindcrime a movie
"The Operation Mindcrime story has been almost a movie  at least six times in my memory. It's actually being worked  by very famous screenwriter and very successful producer right now. And whether it sees the light of day as a film is yet to be seen. It's a journey,  screenplays they  take years to come to movie screens. There are all kinds of deals, compromises different people come in and rewrite and all that. They want your screen play idea and then they take that and  hire their friend to rewrite it, everybody wants to rewrite it."

When asked him about the current political situation in the world
"I find it is a fascination time to be alive now in the 21st century, especially in America a lot of people see this turmoil that our country is in as being very upsetting, In a way it is. I look at it as a growth period, this reckoning. It's a time of change where we are analyzing ourselves and we are pushing those boundaries our parents laid on us and their parents laid on them. We are drawing new lines about what is right and what is wrong and that takes  discussion with everybody involved. Like who are we as Americans, we don't really have an American identity like a lot of countries have."

Geoff Tate had to suddenly drop  off the interview cause he was in the hospital and was called 41:05

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