Guitarist Andy LaRocque talks King Diamond Albums, Abigail,Them & Conspiracy

November 15, 2017

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to King Diamond's guitarist Andy Larocque. Larocque who gave an update on the progress of the bands new live DVD and writing of the new King Diamond Album. 



LaRocque also gave his thoughts of the recordings of  such metal classics as Fatal Portrait, Abigail, Them and Conspiracy as well as talked about the departure of  former Mercyful Fate members Michael Denner and Tim Hansen from King Diamond band after Abigail. As well as how he first joined the King Diamond band.

When asked about the released date and progress of new Abigail  Live tour DVD
"We are going to release this new Live King Diamond DVD next year we are still working on that, there are a lot of files to go through, lots of scenes angles and stuff of the shows that we are going to release so, there is a lot of work to do. I can't really say too much about it, I'm not the only guy in charge we've got the video producer. We also have our live engineer in charge who has been setting everything up to get the real live feel of it.  The video producer sent me some files that I have to check out make sure everything is in sync back and forth, we are still working on it . I see the light at the tunnel coming  because we are getting close with the first show, which is Philadelphia. The only thing we can do is like work on it until it gets good cause this is our first DVD ever released and we want it to be representable for what we are doing. The footage we are going to use is the last few years lives shows and there is going to be some side footage too I believe but I'm not sure exactly what but mainly from the Abigail performances we did in the last couple of years. I hope its going to be released next spring, if everything goes the way we want it. "

When asked about the progress of  New King Diamond Album
"Well we have some ideas and we are going to start seriously sitting down and start with new riffs and start to write songs as soon as possible, I would say starting around New Years writing songs. That's the only thing I can say. There will be a new album of course it's just that since 2012 we have been really busy  doing the live shows which has been really important for us. Before 2012 we really didn't do any festivals at all maybe one or two in our whole career so that was  a new thing for us. Planing all the shows we have been doing in the past few years has taken a lot of time of course so we really haven't had time to sit down and just make a good album plus all the other things we have been doing like remasters and now the DVD. So soon as things get less hectic we are going to start writing the album. I'm pretty sure it's going to be a concept album. The album is probably going to be a good mix of everything, probably classic King Diamond album with a good sound. I will be partly be producing it, me and King and then we will see what's happening depending on what way we are going to go with . Whenever it's done its going to be released. We got some great ideas for it that's all can say right now.



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