Joe Lynn Turner Fires Back again"Yngwie J. Malmsteen is a Terrible Singer & Self-Absorbed

July 30, 2017


Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice  recently spoke to former Rainbow, Deep Purple and Yngwie Malmsteen Singer Joe Lynn Turner.

 Turner spoke about the recent negative comments Malmsteen made towards his former singers, his thoughts on the new Rainbow line-up, his upcoming tour in August and new album.

When asked his opinion on the new  Rainbow lineup without any former vocalists 
"I'm scratching my head. I really do wish them well, you tell me. It just doesn't really seem like a real band, people can make up there own opinions.  It's kind of sad, It's just not Rainbow to me."

When asked to respond to not being included in the new Rainbow line-up because Ritchie Blackmore wants a vocalist who can do  Ronnie James  Dio era songs
That is absurd vocally speaking because I do sing Ronnie James Dio songs and not only that why would the new Rainbow band cover I surrender? ( a song from Joe Lynn Turner's era)

On his working relationship with Yngwie Malmsteen during the making of the album Odessy  in 1988
"He was a control freak (Yngwie Malmsteen). he has never changed or grown from that. I just pushed through I had already dealt with Ritchie Blackmore's difficulties and I was pretty seasoned, so I know how to get around some of those things. And the way to get around it is to prove yourself and to write great songs on top of his wonderful tracks. So when it all came to fruition you cannot deny it. Then after the record he started denying things, that he was writing all the material which is absolutely ridiculous. Cause anybody can hear that was me. So it was kind of strange, weird. The record remains being the Truth, it speaks volumes."

When asked why he thought Malmsteen was insecure today in regards to the recent negative comments Malmsteen made about his former Singers, Jeff Scott Soto, Ripper Owens and Joe Lynn Turner
"It is very obvious, by saying what he said, which is totally rubbish. He  (Malmsteen)  is singing now and he has a terrible voice. What is the point in saying that when he really benefited by all the singers. The insecurity is that when you need to say something like that you are trying to justify something that doesn't really exist which means that you are weak in some department in some area. After the fact he says he doesn't need the singers that we are all self-absorbed which is absolutely ridiculous coming from him.

There is no one more self absorbed than Yngwie Malmsteen. you don't strike out against these vocalist unless you are insecure about  your own future.  His ego is worldwide. He statement speaks volumes. There are so many incidents I can speak about with him."

On his plan to record a new album and starting a new tour
"At the end of August i will be leaving  to start a four month tour worldwide ending up in Australia for a month I get a couple of weeks off and then we start again. So it's going to be a long road this year, it;s great.

I am recording new creative material, I'm bridging the gap between Classic Rock and Industrial Metal and I am doing this with a high profile producer/artist out of Sweden  and it's coming out great. I would hope it will be released towards the fall of 2018.  I'll probably do another Sunstorm album too cause Frontiers thinks it is a very successful project"

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