Blind Guardian's Hansi Kürsch Talks Concept of Long Awaited Orchestral album

June 24, 2017

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke Blind Guardian's Front man Hansi Kürsch while he was promoting their new 3cd 4LPS  Live Beyond The Spheres album which will be out on July 7 2017 on Nuclear Blast

When asked about an update on the progress of Blind Guardians yet to be released Orchestral Album 
"The Orchestral album is in the making for 20 years  and we are getting closed to an end. I sang  two songs already. I am suppose to be done at the end of December 2017 which means all the music will be done at that time. So basically, we will be ready to go for mixing the album and we are intending on release the whole thing in the beginning of 2019 I would say."

When asked about the concept of the Orchestral album
"Basically I am working with a German ensemble. What I can tell you about the concept is to a certain extent it is connected to the Czech Republic, so it will play an essential role I the story telling as well. It's going to be a fictional story connected to history too. I'm anxious to see where we end up. The first two songs I sang were quite interesting. There will be a lot of science there will be a lot of history there will be a little bit of everything and if things are rolling like they do at the moment then it will be a very pleasant experience. I can guarantee that you have not heard anything like that before."

When asked if there will be a new traditional Blind Guardian Studio album
"That will be released most probably in  2020 and believe it or not.  We have finished two songs. One is called 'American Goth' and the other one is called 'Architect of doom' "

When asked if there will be a Blind Guardian Festival and who would he like to participate in it
"I would love to do it with Iced Earth and would like to connect it to the orchestral album."


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