Exodus Zetro-"It's Pompous BS refusing to play songs from the band history you weren't on"

June 21, 2017


Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke with Exodus'  lead singer Steve 'Zetro' Souza

In regards to their new album and the musical direction 
"Gary Holt, Tom Hunting and I was at the Metal Hammer awards last Monday in London and I actually looked in Gary's eyes and said, WHEN HOLTS! WHEN ! Gary said we will be in the studio around November, so probably early Spring. I have heard songs. Gary writes when he is out with Slayer, he has this little recording unit in his room, he writes and sends it out. Gary is on top of it. I have been sent a few songs, with no lyrics, to listen to. It's awesome, it's killer, everyone is going to love it.  Gary knows what he is doing. From what I heard it's got a lot different stuff on it, it's got some of  the record I have not been on with Rob Dukes, a bit of  Tempo of the damned , some Blood in Blood out . I heard two songs that I actually have on my phone. Heavy shit."

When asked about if they will record a Live album
"We have been talking about that so hopefully after this record cycle after this album comes out, we will get that done. We will do a DVD. We are playing some shows in San Francisco  next month  they are going to film there. I was told it was for some type of DVD. Is it going to be a DVD that accompanies a record or a separate DVD? I don't know? They never tell me this sort of shit, they just say shut up and sing."

When asked if he minds singing songs from the Rob Dukes and Paul Baloff era's of Exodus
"Rob Halford (Judas Priest) doesn't sing any of the Ripper Owens songs, Joey Belladonna (Anthrax) doesn't sing  any of the John Bush Stuff. David Lee Roth won't sing Sammy Hagar Stuff, Sammy won't Sing Dave's stuff.  It's a band's history, I think that's pompous bullshit refusing to play songs from the band If you weren't there, that doesn't mean the band didn't exist. It's like the band wasn't alive so you act like you wont acknowledge that era I just think that is stupid. Just because you weren't in the band doesn't mean the songs weren't any good. I love Iconplasm, Children of a worthless God I wish I would have sung them on record but now I get to sing them live, I love it. We are doing to shows in San Francisco  and  Rob Dukes is invited to sing on the second night."

Asked what would have happened to him if he would have stayed with the band Legacy who turned into  Testament 
"I would have become a pompous Rock Star asshole, I would have been terrible to deal with. I felt like I had so much to do with that bands success form the beginning and when it all started. My ego was  huge back then just to be honest. I started that band (Testament) early 1984 by 1986 we were dialing in clubs everywhere, 12 record deal. and if I would have continued there I would have been an ass. I'm glad that didn't happen actually."

When asked about Gene Simmons trademarking the devil horns
Everybody has got to be famous for something.common Gene, give me a break. I'm giving Dio that one sorry

When asked his opinion about the Big 4 of thrash 
Let me correct you. it's the big one, (with no disrespect to the other bands) and the other three. I grew up in the Bay area before I was in a band. Exodus was the only band doing this regardless if they got the accolades or notoriety for it they were the first ones who did it . When I started Legacy we were emulating Exodus every band in the Bay area was a thrash band emulating Exodus. We all have a piece of the history making it happen, some did better than others. The big four was the bands that were the initial most popular in the 80's when the music came out and started. No disrespect to Slayer, Anthrax of Megadeth 



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