Lady GAGA & Metallica. I THREW UP IN MY Mouth-IT WAS BAD-The Metal Voice

February 13, 2017

I usually don't write op-ed piece but I felt like I had to say something. First off I'm just to old to give shit or lose any sleep over this  and I am also old enough to remember a band in 1983 called Metallica who wouldn't even film a music video at the time as they claimed it would be selling out. Oh how I miss Cliff. I'm also old enough to remember Partridge Families David Cassidy being told by his PR people to hang out with Alice Cooper to get some sort of street credibility. HMMMM


Metal existed back in the day cause it was an us vs them attitude, we liked Metal cause we didn't like corporate fabricated music, there was something real about our culture and our music. It would also be fair to say that Metallica in the 1980's also would have never gone onstage with Madonna at the time who is today's Lady GAGA make no mistake as Metallica would have lost their hardcore fan base in seconds, they were purists.


I know it's a free country Metalllica and GAGA can do whatever they like, the fans don't own Metallica and Metallica does not owe the fans anything. But I can bitch, it's a free country FUCK THEM


Fast forward Grammy's 2017. How was the performance then? Fucken horrible, embarrassing, even if the mic actually was working that was one of the worst performances I have seen from Metallica.  Then u had GAGA belly dancing to the so called beat, she was OUT OF PLACE and she's not a out of place person.


Some would say this is cross over let artists mix it up with other artists, I guess that works on GAGA fan base but on the Metal side that was  a mockery of METAL. 


It was also a travesty to the Metal Community, watching the solid gold dancers on the sidelines pretending like they give a shit, then out pops Lady Gaga like something out of a Geoff Tate Cabaret singing the song so bad, like she heard for the first time a few hours ago in rehearsals.


What bugs me the most is how GAGA keeps claiming how much she loves metal. Seriously? Anyone with any passion for metal WOULD PLAY METAL and RECORD METAL, but none of that from POKA FACE.  WHAT DO YOU THINK?


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