Testament's Chuck Billy Joins Reaper All Stars Relief Songs for Steve Grimmett-The Metal Voice

February 5, 2017


 Canada's The Metal Voice  recently streamed a REAPER-A-THON to help raise funds for Steve Grimmett's (Grim Reaper) medical and Recovery costs, as he and his Millie are stuck in Ecuador waiting for a green light from Doctors to fly back to the UK.  

In the video stream Tony Dolan (Venom Inc) updated The Metal Voice about his initiative to re-record Grim Reaper songs with an All Star metal cast to raise funds for Grimmett. Dolan made two announcements, first they have chosen the Grim Reaper songs 'See you in hell', 'Fear no Evil' and 'The Show Must go' as the relief songs. Second, Testament's front man Chuck Billy will be joining in the recordings. Tony Dolan is aided in this project by Neil Turbin (Deathriders) Jimmy Kay (The Metal Voice) and Sy Keeler (Onslaught)



Dolan said,"there were quite a few choices we could make but once I asked the artists, everyone wanted to do SEE YOU IN HELL, it's a classic and FEAR NO EVIL, THE SHOW MUST GO ON will also be included because that is what the man (Steve Grimmett) is going to do and that is what he is still doing being in Ecuador with a leg amputated, he is positive. We will put it out as a 7 inch as well as digital downloads."

Millie Grimmett then gave The Metal Voice an update on Steve's health," Steve had another operation this morning (5th) which the open wound was stitched up and it went well, doctors are really pleased he is in recovery at the moment the countdown to come home will start today."

The Reaper All-Stars  include Gary Holt (Slayer, Exodus) Tim 'Ripper' Owens (ex-Judas Priest), Doro Pesch, Lips (Anvil), Neil Turbin (Deathriders), Tony Dolan (Venom Inc) Ross The Boss (Manowar), Jonas Hornqvist (Bleed the Hunger),  Sy Keeler (Onslaught), Bobby Blitz (Overkill),  Marta Gabriel (Crystal Viper), Blaze Bayley (ex Iron Maiden) Nick Bowcott (ex-Grim Reaper), John Gallagher (Raven), Mantas (Venom inc), Joe Cangelosi (Whiplash, Kreator) Chuck Billy (Testament). The songs will be produced by Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Anvil Producer )

Steve Grimmett has been hospitalized in Ecuador since mid-January; the singer was amidst a tour in support of GRIM REAPER’s latest album, Walking In The Shadows.  Millie Grimmett has been updating fans around the globe of the singer’s condition. Grimmett has endured multiple operations that have resulted in the near complete loss of his right leg.

The Metal Voice also asked John Gallagher for any updates on Raven he said, the band has new management with EMP.  David Ellfson (Megadeth) as well as the band going into the Studio to record a new album in Sept 2017. Gallagher said,"We've been writing fiends, I have at least 20 really good songs, going to be a kick ass new album which we will go in and record in September 2017, we are still planning out who we will be doing it with."





Grim Reaper Live in Chicago with Nick Bowcott

Iconic heavy metal band Grim Reaper performing live in Chicago in 2014 with original guitarist Nick Bowcott. This multi camera full length concert features tons of hits as well as a couple new songs. This video was offered up by Hunter Productions and TV6 to Steve and Millie Grimmett as a fund raising avenue following Steve's recent health problems. Please be generous and donate to them and in the process get to see this amazing one of a kind show!



 April 1st show at Swindon, England at RIFF'S BAR , day long event


In negotiations for a major name or two to play for Steve, watch this space for updates and put April 1st in your diary! If you can help in any way contact Brian on 07823 884732
Announcements will be made soon, we are busy trying to secure bands for an amazing day of Rock & Metal awesomeness.






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