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January 25, 2017


Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to front man Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth from Overkill whose new album The Grinding Wheel will be released on Feb 10 2017 on Nuclear Blast


When asked about how he goes about writing the lyrics

"First and foremost I like to speak about things I know and probably the thing I know most about is Overkill, I've been here for over three decades and most of my principles and good things I have in life have been given to me through Overkill. And I think there are a lot of principles in anybody in a band in that amount of time, in a business or a relationship, it what makes me me. So I speak about our principles whether they be commitment, whether they be unity, friendship or betrayal, I trying to use broad strokes with regard to how I live my life. In my lyrics I would speak like I am having a conversation and that apply that to content."



When asked about his opinion on politics

"It's a great personnel interest but I don't think I am qualified to tell people what my views are, what my stances are and not that I have great influence. I'm the same asshole who was part of the writing of 'Feel The Fire'. the point being in politics it should be personnel and not swaying that by an entertainer. I think when people get a record deal and they are relatively successful 

and get more and More successful after three more records, that person thinks that they are suddenly smarter then they were on the first record, it's just not true, sure there is growth but you are the same guy. "


When asked about his opinion on how the Thrash genre keeps growing 

"There is something really pure about thrash and the reason it is pure, first and foremost is it's value, it transcended through generations, there has been an influx of new. new bands and new younger people into the music and they are hungry for stuff that happened in the 80's. It is pure. the reason it is pure because it stays in the underground and is not touched by the finger of commercial music and it is therefore not disposable and it's value will transcend generations and I think that was truly the message of Heavy Metal not necessarily rebellion but the honest way everyone feels about something even if that pisses you off."







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