New Venom Inc Album in March, Documentary coming-The Metal Voice

December 11, 2016

Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon from Canada's The Metal Voice  spoke with Venom Inc Bassist Singer Tony (Demolition Man) and as well Former Anthrax singer Neil Turbin. They spoke about their new albums, the relevance of the Big thrash 4 and Grammy's as well as Floor Jansen's Slayer comments


When asked about the new Venom inc studio album  


"We've stopped playing live so we can actually start recording.  As soon as we went out on tour at the beginning people start asking for a live album, and I was like said we've only done two shows you gotta be joking give us a chance and then everybody says just keep playing so we were playing and every time we went somewhere they thr fans said  put an album together and I was like we can't play and put an album together its gotta be one or the other. So we actually had to put the brakes on.  We have a potential month for release of March 2017."  Tony Dolan


When asked  about the new Venom inc documentary 


"Basically I have just been recording (shooting) every single thing that we've done back stage, onstage, every concert, everything and I'm working on a whole documentary. Hopefully we will be pitching it for a TV channel. It's going to be like a fly on the wall."  Tony Dolan



When asked about Neil Turbin's new Deathrider's Album 


Working on the album with Deathriders just talked to  Jonas Hornqvist guitar player today we've worked together writing for 10 years. It's just one little thing after another trying to get things sorted out.  When everybody is spaced apart it makes it a little more difficult to get everyone working in the same direction at the same time. We making it happen and Michael Angelo Batio (Nitro) is playing on a couple of songs on the album. We got Matt Thompson from King Diamond on drums. We have a few more songs to execute on their basic tracks to add to the number of songs we have, so this way it will be a full length release." Neil Turbin



When asked about the relevance of Big 4 of thrash  


"You have some really shrewd think tank folks in the Metallica camp and they came up with an excellent marketing program  They have an idea that hatched 30 years ago and they developed this idea and everyone goes along with the program.These 4 bands were very influential in the Thrash sound however they were already a step above commerically viable and accepted. This is a marketing angle this big 4 name " Neil Turbin  


I think the idea behind the big 4 , was the big 4 of thrash and it's not the big 4 of any metal, it's the big 4 of what became thrash metal. It was a particular style these groups fall in. It's which bands came out and were more world recognized the quickest and it was those bands I think. Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, Metallica. Neil is right it is a marketing plot to capitalize on something and that's how the industry is you know" Tony Dolan


When asked about the current Grammy nominations


We are looking at something that is complete opinion. Where are they finding these bands cause there are other bands that should be included. it goes back to the big 4 idea who is in charge and who is voting on this How do you quantify. All the bands that work hard and work hard at their art deserve to be considered. "Neil Turbin


Diamond Head (Brian Tatler) Interview by Neil Turbin













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