Geoff Tates talks Operation Mindcrime Resurrection & Trinity tour with Ripper (ex Judas Priest) & Blaze (ex Iron Maiden)- The Metal Voice

August 27, 2016


Jimmy Kay from Canada’s The Metal Voice recently spoke to former Queensryche singer Geoff Tate  about his upcoming release on Sept 23 entitled Resurrection part 2 of a trilogy as well as his Trinity tour with Blaze Bayley (ex Iron Maiden and Tim Ripper Owens (ex Judas Priest).


In regards to the musical direction off the new album 'Resurrection'


“This album isn’t designed trying to fit into a genre. It’s an album that is telling a story and a story typically has characters and characters experience life and life is filled with experience adventure, sadness, gladness, happiness, joy, terror, fear. So the music has got to exhibit those emotions and so what may sound like a lot of  musical directions is really just music that is telling a story.”


When commenting about the song ‘Smear Campaign’ and ‘Into the Hands of the world’ off the new album


“It was a real fun track to write and record there is some insane drumming on this record, Brian Tichy performed that and he just went crazy, it’s what he does best  he is an amazing drummer. That’s a track that that goes through several movements that are quite different from each other. You have to try to bridge the movements together and that is very challenging to create these bridges so the different parts can work together. There are two tracks off the album that are realty took the longest to write to record and perfect that is one of them ‘A smear campaign’ and ‘Into the hand of the world’


When explaining the song ‘Taking on the World’ co-written by David Ellefson  featuring Blaze Bayley and Ripper Owens


“That was a track that was written and inspired by Dave Ellefson from Megadeth. He contributed a song off the first album and this song on the second album. It’s really a cool track,  it’s very heavy and driving and got a great choirs riff and very cool guitar solo.”

When explaining how the song ‘Healing my Wounds’ has that Queensryche sound

It has that sort of arpeggio guitar part that goes on and on kind of relentless and that’s kind of like the Queensyche thing to do . That is one of my favorite tracks. That was written by myself and Mark Daily who also sings lead vocal on the first verse. A cool expressive track and then Kelly Gray did an amazing guitar solo


When asked about his  experience working with Blaze Bayley and Ripper Owens 


“It was really interesting I have never worked with them before or recorded their vocals before, so it was really interesting from an engineering stand point to see the difference in our voices and the sound of our voices.


We just spent three days together shooting this video for the song ‘Taking on the world’ and we had the best time, they stayed at my house, we drank a lot and told a lot of stories and laughed a lot.  I really adore both those guys, they are fantastic. Blaze and I share a passion for motorcycles. So in this video we just shot he was very excited there were a lot of motorcycles and hot rods and he got to ride a bunch of different customized motorcycles in the video.”


When asked what the Trinity Tour Set list will look like


“We are the three ex-singers from famous bands so we are going to do the music we were involved in making. I’m going to be doing Queensryche material, Blaze is going to be doing  Iron Maiden and Ripper is doing Judas Priest and then we are getting together to do some songs together “


When asked if they will add more dates to the Trinity Tour


“The biggest challenge we have of doing the tour together all three of us have very extensive tour schedules so getting us all lined up to be in the same place it’s really quite the under taking . We managed to get 10 date to start with and we are going to try and book some more in other parts of the world”


When asked if he would ever consider joining a big name band after the trilogy series is done


“I suppose so if the right situation occurred,  If the band Yes or Genesis ever asked me I’d jump at that. A band that I really like a lot,  a band that I feel that I can contribute if they wanted to make new music , I’d love that . I suppose I would entertain that idea.”


When asked if he has any contact with his former band mates in Queensryche since they parted ways


"Nothing, no, not a word"




Blaze Bayley  to Film Tour Documentary in Canada-Trailer














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