Michael Sweet "One Sided War" Album Review 9/10-THE METAL VOICE

July 16, 2016


 Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon from Canada’s The Metal Voice  recently spoke with Michael Sweet (Stryper) about his new solo album One Sided War which will be  released on August 26 2016 on Rat Pack Records.


During the interview Michael Sweet goes in depth about some of his new songs, production and inspirations on his new solo album.


When asked if his new solo album a very Christian oriented album similar to Stryper


“I’m a Christian so everything I do and say and portray is obviously going to be in line with my faith. So that being said this album is a little different than Stryper and lyrically it’s different, but still has a very strong message and musically its a little diffent but it still has similarities because I am the singer and one of the guitar players and the songwriters for the band. “


When asked about his production duties on this album


|As a producer I really go for combining the old with the new. There are a lot of great sounding albums form the 80’s not just the way they sound but the spirit that they have and the energy that they have . There is nothing like that . Some of the best albums ever to come out are from the 80’s. But at the same time we live in 2016 and you want the production to be relevant and viable for today so I try to combine the two. And as a producer go into it with that mind set, with that thinking. I’m a big fan of Van Halen and I love the cymbals on the Van Halen albums that is why there are lots of cymbals. I just love drums. .So I come at it not only as guitar player but at it as closet drummer as well”


When asked about the Song ‘I AM’ which has a Ronnie James Dio Vibe


“I’m a huge Dio Fan, I always have been. I don’t sing or sound anything like Dio, I’m not even at the first level of the ten levels he was on as a singer. But that being said I love that style and the intensity that Dio sang with and that song.  ‘I AM’ is right in line with that it’s got that Dio vibe to it. “


When asked if other members of Stryper worry that he might not continue Stryper and just keep going solo.


No, I don’t think so that would be a question for them, for Oz, Tim and Rob. I made it very clear of the past few years that I am not going anywhere. I don’t plan on leaving Stryper anytime soon. I think you can have both. I have the time I make the time to do both and I hope that the fans will support what I do as much as they support what Stryper does.”



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