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July 5, 2016


Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon from Canada’s The Metal Voice  recently spoke with Accept guitarist Wolf Hoffmann  about his new classical solo album entitled Headbangers Symphony which was released on July 1st  2016 on Nuclear Blast


On the release of his new Classical/ Metal solo album that was ten years in the making 


”I’m super duper excited, I couldn't be more excited to be quite honest. It’s been in the making for a long time finally presented to the world. My favorite pieces on the album are the first two tracks 'Scherzo' and 'Night on Bald Mountain' and that’s maybe why I put them at the front of the cd. I think they turned out to be really metal . They were pretty aggressive and in your face and seemed to be perfect openers for this album. This album is just a random collection of some my favorite classical tunes.”


“With a lot of these pieces I take the main theme and start playing it on electric guitar and see how it feels and then I try to think what else I can come up with that sort of makes sense to me. I try to say to myself what would I do this if it were my idea and then I just go crazy and see what other riffs fit that mood and what other stuff I can come up with that sort of would make sense to me and then I treat it as my own piece in a way. The only  big difference between the  previous  classical solo I did was  that  I am using orchestral players on this album. I hired a full blown orchestra in the Czech Republic.  It turned out great and it was well worth the effort and the money time spent."


When asked if Accept would even consider doing a symphonic recording


"You never know I wouldn’t  rule it out at this point. I’ve always said no but now that this album is out and sounds quite heavy and I see how well heavy guitar riffs and orchestra really blend together.  I’m really encouraged to go there one day to play some orchestral stuff with Accept, you never know. "


"One thing is for sure I would definitely like to perform this classical stuff with an orchestra live somewhere on stage. On time special occasion gig some where the whole material with an orchestra on stage with a big production, light show. That’s what my dream is, I can just picture it in my head and i would love to make it come true.”



On how  Brexit will affect metal bands


"Well it will make things a little more complicated getting in and out of the country for example if you are planning on doing a UK tour  in the future , you will probably have to get work permits and visas and things like that and have to deal with customs  and you have to pay hefty fees to get some lawyers, some immigration people to work on it, it's just a pain. The EU did away with all of that so it was beautiful you can do a whole European tour and not have to worry about anything you just go from country to country , without any paperwork any proof that trouble."


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