How will Brexit Affect Touring Metal Bands?

June 27, 2016

Prior to the referendum a U.K. band or a band from the EU  in most cases was allowed to move over each others border of all the E.U almost seamlessly without showing paperwork, without being questioned about merch, without having to deal with green cards or currencies. Basically free movement of goods and labour.  After the Brexit this may not be the case . Metal bands might have to jump hoops, invest more time in paperwork which is a loss on their shrinking profits and  might have to get a day job just to make ends meet or simple move out of country.


Take Canada and the USA. If a metal band wants to tour going in and out of both countries bands need to make sure their paperwork is in place, passports, visa's, border scrutiny, Merch inspection and taxes and duties may come into play BIG TIME.  Same circumstances may apply for U.K. and E.U. moving forward


Here is what the BBC had reported


The BPI, which represents the British music industry, said on Friday, "We will, of course, press the government to swiftly negotiate trade deals that will ensure unimpeded access to EU markets for our music and our touring artists."


Artists at Glastonbury were worried about the impact of the weak pound on the cost of touring, and how red tape would affect their ability to play abroad.


Lauren Mayberry: "I think the nature of touring is going to change massively. The summer we're looking at right now is just hopping from country to country within Europe and in order to do that when we're not part of the European Union, we would presumably need to go to a different embassy for every different country and apply for a visa for us and everybody in our crew."


Martin Doherty: "We also employ mainland Europeans within our crew, and they will struggle to get work permits and continue under the employ of our band. It's all very complicated."


"One of the things people who travel on tour buses through Europe were saying was that we'll have to get up every two hours when we [cross the border] into Luxembourg and Belgium. I don't think that's going to be the case. I just think our generation has been robbed of the opportunity for friendships and relationships and work opportunities.


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