Top countries where new metal bands should be focused on selling Albums


The worlds top 10 biggest music markets according to The UK Telegraph 



If a new metal band can understand which markets globally are actually buying music and supporting bands, then a band can focus their resources targeting the right country to receive maximum returns on their new release. Here is a list of the Top ten biggest music markets 


1.       USA-4.5 billion 

2.       Japan- 4.4 billion 

3.       UK-1.33 billion  

4.       Germany- 1.3 billion   

5.       France- 907 million  

6.       Australia- 507 million   

7.       Canada- 453 million    

8.       Brazil- 257 million   

9.       Italy – 217 million   

10.     The Netherlands- 216.3 million


Is this the be all end all, no. Will this ensure a band's success just by focusing  on these top 10 countries, no. Does this mean there are other unknown variables that might complicate the situation, yes of course. But like all companies you need to know where the money is in order to have any sort of success or else you have to shut down.


We can even take it a step further and look at the statistics on a per capita basis, in other words, top  album sales per person by countries population. (See below)


Now here is where things get real interesting as the top 5 have changed from the above list. Why focus selling albums let's say to Turkey when you should be looking at Japan. Lots of folks will ask well how the heck can I sell to Japan, perhaps it's a simple matter of making your website bilingual in English/Japanese, or hooking up with a Japanese label or promoter. Why focus your energies on Swedish market when Australia with a population of 23 million is in the top 2 countries in the world that buys the most music per person. Make Sense?


These statistics are  telling, is this a winning formula? Who knows? But it is a guide and a way of thinking for younger bands to take notice. Over time this list will alter and change but the key point here is if you are in a new band understand the market you are trying to penetrate.


If any band wishes to make a living out of selling music and touring,  best to understand who and where is your buyer. In this ever shrinking music market follow the money so you can keep on doing what you love, write and play music



Countries that buy music the most per person


1.       Japan

2.       Australia

3.       UK

4.       USA

5.       France

6.       The Netherlands

7.       Canada

8.       Brazil

9.       Germany

10.     Italy



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