Hank Shermann Interview- Open to a Mercyful Fate Reunion and album

June 9, 2016


Jimmy Kay  from Canada’s The Metal Voice interviewed  Hank Shermann guitarist Denner/Shermann (Mercyful Fate). Shermann spoke about the new album, the tour set list (which will include Mercyful Fate songs) a possible reunion and album by Mercyful Fate in the future and why Mercyful Fate broke up after Don't break the Oath album.


Denner/Shermann will be releasing their first full length album called 'Masters of Evil' on June 24 on Metal Blade Records.


Shermann told The Metal Voice about the evolution from their E.P. Satan’s Tomb to their new album Masters of Evil, “We have developed a style. With the E.P. it was fast in the making. Having Sean Peck on vocals I had to learn his areas of singing. For the album we had 8 songs that we created with a different vibe more deeper layered, a little more epic and there is not one song that is the same, that’s the same recipe we used back with Mercyful Fate.”


Shermann went on to tell  The Metal Voice about a potential Mercyful Fate reunion, “I don’t see why not, no doors have been closed. Michael and I are really busy with the campaign of the new album(Masters of Evil), King is touring Europe right now, he’s going into recording mode doing the next King Diamond album. With so many dedicated loyal fans out there screaming at us we want a Mercyful Fate reunion. I don’t see why not. Both bands are playing Mercyful Fate material so we are getting a little closer to that dream of seeing Mercyful Fate back together again.”


Shermann concluded,”King is in Copenhagen these days and I spoke to him a few weeks ago he is strong, he is getting ready to release another King Diamond album and who knows maybe that leads up to a Mercyful Fate album. That could be a fascinating thought, could be pretty cool for everyone I think. “



King Diamond Interview




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