Michael Schenker Interview-I can't trust Rudolf Anymore, period !

May 14, 2016


Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon of Canada’s The Metal Voice  recently spoke to legendary German guitarist Michael Schenker who just released a live DVD/CD called Michael Schneker’s Temple of Rock “On a Mission: Live in Madrid”


When asked about the making of his new Live DVD CD “On a Mission: Live in Madrid”


“The record company had an idea of making a 3D (sound) listening. I picked Madrid because I always wanted to make a live album in Spain because the fans are playful and very enthusiastic. Later I found out we could not even fix anything because in 3D listening effects you put ambient microphones everywhere and if you try to fix something you still hear the wrong notes, there was something I wanted to fix but I couldn’t so I  left it the way it is. We had a really good night, We played well together, the audience was great and it was a great result, no hanky panky.”


When asked if he would ever consider recording with the Scorpions


“No I can’t because I am very disappointed in Rudolf, what I found out about Lovedrive (Deluxe edition) bio. I was 23  when I finished with UFO, when Rudolf found out I had left UFO and Mathias who just joined could not do the album with the Scorpions to their liking, they asked me to help out. I came over and when I finished my work on the Scorpions Love drive album they didn’t want to let me go, they got rid of Matthias. They basically persuaded me to be in the Scorpions after the Lovedrive recording and all the management in America they were all very interested in wanting to sign the Scorpions. I started touring but after two weeks I could not do it I went away and was too shy to confront them I couldn’t do it . My brother found me he called me back he cried on the phone and it was so embarrassing I came back a second time and after the second time I realized, this is not it . I need to stop this and I went away again. I found out they got Matthias back.”


 “Later I get a phone call from Rudolf if I would let him play my black and white guitar design, I said okay. He also asked me if I would give him the song writing credit for Coast to Coast, all the melodies were written by me and I didn’t pay attention. I was the six part (member) of the Love drive album and I have a contract everything was divided by six.”

“So when they approached me just recently for the Scorpions (Lovedrive ) Deluxe Box I found out that they put a bio out that was completely the wrong  story. I found out there was nobody credited for what I wrote on Holiday, it’s the intro to Holiday 45 seconds long, that intro that I wrote. And then Rudolf asked me to give the melodies for Coast to Coast. And those two things were the most tastiest and the easiest parts to copy because Rudolf is not really a great guitarist. And all the managers finding out they wanted to sign that band the Scorpions that I was part of I guess he figured how he can misrepresent and fool people all these years because I didn’t pay attention until just recently. There was not a picture of me on Lovedrive, there was no mention on Holiday who wrote and played that intro and of course Rudolf persuaded me to give him the Coast to Coast melody. I must say I am now finding out more and more weird stuff about Rudolf. I have to stay away from him and I can’t trust him anymore period.”

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