“Jason Newsted was the right guy to fill Cliff Burtons shoes in Metallica” Flotsam and Jetsam’s Mike Gilbert

April 13, 2016


Jimmy Kay from Canada’s The Metal Voice  recently spoke to  Flotsam and Jetsam’s guitarist Michael Gilbert as the band is set to release their new self titled album on May 20, 2016 on AFM records


On the difference in musical styles from their last albums to their new self titled album


“What we did differently is we really focused on the songs because the last two years the feedback we got is we really want you guys to go back to old school thrash. We have been experimenting with a lot of stuff, we have been using some samples here and there, we slowed some songs down, and we’ve gone to some different genres. Just exploring a little bit, which feels good to me but what really feels like home is the thrash metal, the fast, speed metal we were doing on the first two records. So we got together and writing this album made more sense to me to play that type of music and it just feels more like home, ok this is what we belong to, this is what we do.”


On if the band was ever upset with Jason Newsted for leaving them in 1986 to join Metallica


“It’s was a great opportunity for him. I’m still great friends with Newsted I talk to him at least once or twice a month. Nobody was ever really mad at him. It was just a decision he wanted to make. We all knew Newsted was the guy for this, so we kind of expected it. Jason was definitely the right guy to fill Cliff’s shoes, really nobody can but Jason brought to Metallica his personality to that band. He has always been an over the top personality. Just an awesome character to hand out with, he is very funny, he is larger than life when you hang out with him.”


On if Jason Newsted regretted quitting Flotsam and Jetsam after Metallica lowered his bass parts on And Justice for all


“When he left this band he was deep into it, he was a full member and there would be no other band that he would leave to go join Metallica.  Garage Inc came out before that and you can hear the bass on that and it sounded killer. And when Justice came out there was no bass and I am not speaking because he told me this or that. Oh shit what the hell did I just do, I’m still in this band and but I am not heard. Which is awful because that guy is a tremendous bass player? “

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