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Voivod Hypercube Virtual Live Stream Review-"It Works, If It's Done Right"

At 4pm sharp on August 9 2020 Voivod entered the hypercube and hit the Virtual stage in an undisclosed location in Trois Riviere, Quebec, Canada. At mission control none other than 'The Wake' producer Francis Perron (Juno Award winning album 2019).

Their 1:30 minute set list covered most of the bands catalog, minus the E-force and Newsted eras. They were technical, precise, energetic and played together like the band haven't played together in five months (which they haven't)

Guitar- Chewy

Audio, excellent!

Multi-camera shoot excellent

Performance, excellent

Let's just say this live performance was so good it could have been released as a live DVD/CD on the spot no touch ups needed. The band is at it's peak musically and with new additions of bassists Rocky and Chewy (not so new anymore) the band has elevated to new heights.

Bass- Rocky

Set list

Post Society

Psychic Vacuum

Obsolete Beings

The Prow


Into My Hypercube

End of Dormancy


Orb Confusion


Fix my heart

Astronomy Domine


Drummer- Away

Conclusion Voivod has demonstrated that Virtual Live performances can work and fans will pay and continue to pay for quality performances. The ticket price was $15.00 CDN to watch the performance and judging from the fans positive response it was worth every cent.

Last, in my opinion Voivod have also demonstrated that they deserve to be included in the so-called big Four of Thrash or in this case Big Five for their consistency, their musicianship, their creativity and their influence in the genre.

Jimmy Kay and Former Anthrax singer Neil Turbin spoke to all the members of Voivod at their rehearsal space in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on August 6 2020, as the band prepared for their Streaming for Vengeance Live Show on August 9 2020.

Shows topics will included, the Hypercube Session, new studio album updates,  and other projects in the works. The band will also take fan questions.

Watch all the interview here

When asked about the Live Stream on August 9 2020

"We haven't played together in five months, this was our second rehearsal and it felt great. It was just fun to plug every instrument in and play together again. The first song we played at our first rehearsal we were all smiles and we couldn't hide it."

"So since there are no tours right now we figured a great way to connect with our fans would be to do a live Stream. The live stream will be filmed at RadicArt Recording Studio where we recorded the last album (The Wake) and the E.P. (Post Society) as well. We are using this recording facility so the sound will be perfect and Francis Perron who mixed out last album (The Wake) will be mixing us live so we were are going to offer a good quality show. We will also be reading the comments and interacting with the fans. It's a hard time for every band, no bands are touring and not a lot of income, I hope a lot of people will connect with us. " Chewy

When asked about the set list for the Live Stream

"We will try to cover the bands career, although there are a few eras we will have to skip like the Eric Forest and Jason Newsted eras. But overall it's the classic stuff and the newer stuff from Post Society E.P. and The Wake. Thirteen songs all together." Away

When asked about writing new Music

We were confined for awhile in Montreal. During our last rehearsal in March we had some templates for songs that we have been working on from a distance, with drop box folders. There are new stuff in the works but we are mainly concentrating on a full live album (Cd /Vinyl) coming out before the end of the year. There is also a book about Voivod and a movie about Voivod in the works " Away

Come one, come all! In an event not to be missed, Voivod performs a live in-studio set for an exclusive one time streaming broadcast on Aug 9, 2020 at 4 PM, EDT (Eastern Daylight Time). This multi camera shoot and audio mix will happen in real time at the same studio Voivod recorded their Juno winning album “The Wake”.

"Why Aug 9? It’s Denis “Snake” Belanger’s birthday and he wanted to party safely with all his friends and fans from around the globe since Voivod touring the planet has been grounded by the Pandemic."

Tickets are $15 CDN plus applicable taxes based on your location. Buy a single ticket or group rates here. Find further details here.

Voivod recently released their new 3-track 12” vinyl and digital EP, The End Of Dormancy, via Century Media Records. The new EP is centered around a special “Metal Section” version of the title track “The End Of Dormancy” (off Voivod’s latest album The Wake) with added trumpets, saxophone and trombones. The complementary tracks on this release are exclusive live versions of “The End Of Dormancy (Metal Section)” and the group’s classic “The Unknown Knows” recorded at Montreal Jazz Fest 2019.

Order here.

Jimmy Kay spoke to Voivod's guitarist Dan 'Chewy' Mongrain on April 16 2020 via Zoom video. In this in depth interview Chewy spoke about the bands upcoming live album, the progress on their upcoming studio album plus how he joined the band.

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