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Udo Dirkschneider-The New Live Album is Live, No Overdubs, We Did Nothing In The Studio Afterwards

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Former Accept singer Udo Dirkschneider appeared on Canada's The Metal Voice live on March 1 2021 to discuss his new live album 'Live in Bulgaria 2020' on AFM Records.

Photo Credit The Metal Voice

Udo also talked about working on a new U.D.O. studio album, playing Accept songs live again and working with former Accept bassist Peter Baltes.

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Tell us about the making of the new live album

" We had to rehearse before the show as everyone lived in another country. So we came together in Germany and started. We also did a photo session for the upcoming U.D.O. studio album so just in case to make sure we have everything. Then we flew to Bulgaria. Everything was well prepared, hotels were clean, restaurants were clean and everything was perfect. The only thing we were not allowed to do during the show was to have fans in the front of the stage. When we went on stage the fans were singing and shouting so loud, there were over 2500 people there. There was so much emotion for us and the fans. This show will remain a long time in our minds as something special. I think when you hear it on the CD and watch the DVD you will know what I mean. What is also important for me is that there are no overdubs, this was live, we did nothing in the studio afterwards. We had a great sound engineer and Stefan Kaufmann did a great job on the DVD. "

Tell if you will be playing Accept songs in the future live

"In the beginning I said with U.D.O. I won't play any Accept songs but for this concert (Bulgaria) the promoter was really begging. He said is it possible to play Accept songs? I said ok in the end we did five songs, we did the classic stuff. It's the same with the tour in America. The promoter in America said I heard you don't play any Accept songs with U.D.O. He said you can't do a tour of America and Canada without Ball to the Wall. People want to hear that. I said I have no problem playing Balls to the Wall and two other Accept songs. I can now definitely say on our upcoming US and Canadian tour (2022) we will definitely be playing some Accept songs."

Tell us about the New U.D.O. Studio album

'It's already done, it's completely done just little things left. In the end I can say on the special edition there will be 16 songs with straightforward metal songs. My son got more involved in the songwriting and the new two guys were also very much involved in writing. End of summer it is coming out. There is also a lot of stuff we learned from making the orchestra album harmony wise, vocal wise that we put into this album but it's still heavy."

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