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Top 10 Metal Albums of 2020 By The Metal Voice

The Metal Voice reveals it's Top 10 Metal Album list of 2020 as well as the year in review and a memorial to the fallen artists.

Joined by original Anthrax singer Neil Turbin and special guest Alex Kouvaris, son of the late Lou Kouvaris of riot and riot Act.

Watch the show here

Alan Number 1- Fates Warning 'Long Day Good Night'

Alan Number 2- U.D.O. 'We are 1'

Alan Number 3- Leaves' Eyes 'The Last Viking'

Alan Number 4 - Revolution Saints 'Rise'

Alan Number 5- Stryper 'Even the Devil believes'

Jimmy Number 1- Blue Oyster Cult 'The Symbol remains'

Jimmy Number 2- Demons & Wizards 'III'

Jimmy Number 3- AC/DC 'Pwr/ Up'

Jimmy Number 4- Cloven Hoof 'The Age Of Steel'

Jimmy Number 5- Testament ' Titans of Creation'

Neil Turbin Top Album- Kansas 'The Absence of Presence'

R.I.P. Lou Kouvaris, Alex Kouvaris ' Tribute son and video 'Quiet Like A Thief LAK

Honourable mentions

David Reece 'Cacophony Of Souls'

Raven 'Metal City'

Armored Saint 'Punching the Sky'

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